Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that the current state govt has insulted all 3 entities - Maa-Mati-Manush - during its reign.Twitter/BJP

While the constitution says that voting is a right and duty for every Indian citizen, this Mangalore man from Australia is taking it to the next step. Sudhindraa Hebbaar, 41-year-old, quit his job as a screening officer at the Sydney Airport since he could not get leave and he wanted to come back to India to cast his vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party on April 18. He was working as a screening officer at the Sydney Airport.

Hebbaar told Times of India that he got leave from April 5 to April 12. However, he could not get an extension due to the Easter and Ramzan rush. So he filed his resignation and came back home.

Hebbaar added, "In Sydney, I've been working with people from across the globe, including Europeans and Pakistanis. I'm proud every time they say India has a great future. I attribute this success and changing image of India to the Prime Minister. Obviously, I cannot go to the border to protect my motherland."

He said that while he couldn't go to the borders to ensure the safety of his country, the least he could do his vote and see his favourite politician back as the prime minister. "I am a Permanent Residency card-holder in Australia (his wife is a Fiji-Australian) and I have worked at Sydney Trains before working at the airport. Finding another job shouldn't be an issue."

His plan is to stay till May 23, he sees who wins the elections and go back to Sydney when he will start looking for another job.

Interestingly, Hebbaar also flew back to India in 2014 to cast his vote for the BJP. He came for a day, was at the polling booth in Mangalore at 7 am, cast his vote and went back to Bengaluru to catch his flight for Sydney.