Ajay Rana
Twitter/ @Suffolk Police

An Indian man, who raped a British woman in 2017, has been sentenced to seven years in prison by a UK court. He was extradited from Spain in October 2018 and was arrested a month later. After the crime in December 2017, the accused, Ajay Rana, had run away to India saying that his mother was unwell.

On December 9, 2017, Ajay Rana had offered a lift to a woman at 5 am in Suffolk. When she hesitated, he said that it was cold outside and he had just given a lift to two others. She then agreed and got into Ajay's car. However, half an hour into the journey, Ajay stopped the car and proceeded to rape her, reports Hindustan Times. 

The woman managed to escape from the car and ran to her friend's house nearby for help. The police had arrived and discovered that the car belonged to one of Ajay's friends and when they wanted to take Ajay in for questioning, they found out that he had left for India.

The police concluded that Ajay was the rapist by taking DNA from his earphones and comparing them to the swabs taken from the victim.

By then, Ajay was already in India and the British authorities began proceedings to extradite him. They also got a European Arrest Warrant against him where he will get detained if he tries to enter an EU country.

Ajay did just that in October 2018 when he tried entering Spain but was detained by the Spanish police in Bilbao. The Spanish courts approved his extradition and he was sent to the UK on November 12, 2018, and was arrested later.

His two-week trial at the Ipswich Crown Court ended with the jury finding him guilty in a majority verdict for raping the woman. He was also made to sign a sex offenders list.