• Chevrolet Beat
    Chevrolet Beat Mileage: 25.44 kmp Price: INR 4,51,463 (ex-showroom price New Delhi)Wikipedia
  • Tata Indica eV2
    Tata Indica eV2 Mileage:25 kmpl Price: INR 4,20,7079 (ex-showroom price New Delhi)wikipedia
  • Tata Indigo eCS
    Tata Indigo eCS Mileage:25 kmpl Price: INR 4,51,463 onwards (ex-showroom price New Delhi)wikipedia
  • Toyota Etios
    Toyota Etiosfacebook
  • Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva Mileage: 23.59 kmpl Price: INR 5,77,394 onwards (ex-showroom price New Delhi)facebook
  • Maruti Swift Dzire
    Maruti Swift Dzire Mileage:23.5kmpl Price: INR 5,91,122 onwards (ex-showroom price New Delhi)wikipedia
  • Ford Fiesta
    Ford Fiesta Mileage: 23 kmpl Price: INR 9,13,901 onwards (ex-showroom price New Delhi)facebook
  • Maruti Swift
    Maruti Swift Gets Price Cutwikipedia
  • Hyundai Verna
    Hyundai Verna Mileage: 22.3 kmpl. Price: INR 8,33,122 onwards (ex-showroom price New Delhi)wikipedia
  • Hyundai i20
    Hyundai i20 Mileage: 21.9 kmpl Price: INR 5,96,334 onwards (ex-showroom price New Delhi)facebook

Just when the average Indian seemed to make peace with petrol costs on their gas guzzling vehicles, the steep hike in petrol prices which took effect this month spurred consumers across the nation to rethink their auto-budget.

Struck by the disappointing surge in petrol prices, consumers are now looking for a way out to help ease those petrol pains. The price hike will also have a profound effect on prospective consumers by turning them into highly conscious buyers who would now be seeking budget-friendly alternatives.

As of now, car sales have turned bearish, with several of the mega brand automobile companies lamenting over fewer prospective buyers coming to showrooms.

"The recent hike in petrol prices has depressed market sentiment. With the macro-economic indicators providing no cause for cheer, the demand outlook doesn't look very bright," Arvind Saxena, sales and marketing director of Hyundai Motor India Ltd, said according to the Hindustan Times.

However, in this fast-paced world of ever evolving technology, fuel efficiencies have greatly improved with newly manufactured automobiles that are constantly hitting the market. With eco-friendly hybrids not yet gaining popularity on Indian roads, several of the fuel-based models offer impressive if not fairly decent mileage.

Moreover, in this day and age of conscious consumerism, the broad price gap between petrol and diesel may steer consumers towards buying diesel run automobiles. Also, several other factors have influenced, besides price, have aroused preference towards diesel versions.   

"It's not the cost difference between petrol and diesel alone that has influenced the buyer preference; diesel engine technology has improved significantly leading to better fuel efficiency," Times of India quoted a director at the dealership as saying.

Keeping fuel economy in mind, here are ten of the best fuel efficient diesel cars that won't kill at the pump.  

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