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India put on a show against Pakistan in their opening match of the Champions Trophy on Sunday, beating their arch-rivals by 124 runs. It was an all-round show from the India players, who will be keen to play similar level of cricket in the remainder of the competition. 

After a splendid performance by the India batsmen, the bowlers fared well to help India beat Pakistan convincingly. India face Sri Lanka on Wednesday. 

India emerge victorious. Pakistan are beaten in all departments of the game by India. 

India beat Pakistan by 124 runs

11:33: Hassan Ali has walked onto bat, and he chips it to Shikhar for a easy catch. That is the end of the match as injured Wahab Riaz will not come to bat. India beat Pakistan by 124 runs (D/L)

11:30: Amir is dismissed by Yadav as Kedar Jadhav takes a simple catch. WICKET.....Pakistan 164/8

11:27: Yorker specialist Bumrah to bowl now. Can he open his Champions Trophy account? Bouncer and Shabad is surprised with that, but he takes a single. Just three runs from the over. Pakistan 162/7, 33 overs (Shabad 14, Amir 6), need 127 runs from 48 balls

11:23: Yadav to Shabad, who goes for a massive shot. The ball was in the air for a long time, and Jadhav drops a simple catch. This has been India's only problem in this match. Another good over from Yadav. Pakistan 159/7, 32  overs (Shabad 13, Amir 5), need 130 runs from 54 balls

11:20: Jadeja with his eighth over. Now, the game is in India's bag unless Amir or Shabad plays a binder. But, I do not see that happening against these Indian bowlers. Pakistan 154/7, 31 overs (Shabad 12, Amir 2)

11:18: Amir has come to bat. Good bouncer from Hardik to Amir, who just gets under that delivery. Pakistan 152/7, 30 overs (Shabad 11, Amir 1)

11:16: A classic straight drive from Sarfraz for a four. He tries to run the ball down to third man, but too fine, and the skipper is caught behind. WICKET...Pakistan 151/7 

11:12: No one has been able to get on top of Jadeja. Nothing has changed anything. Four balls and no run. Wait!!!! Shabad has just whacked Jadeja to the cow corner for a six, and then ends the over with a four. Pakistan 146/6, 29 overs (Sarfraz 11, Shabad 11)

11:09: Shabad, new batsman, is on strike, and has played two dot balls. One cannot blame him. The batsmen have failed Pakistan so far. Pakistan 136/6, 28 overs (Sarfraz 11, Shabad 1)

11:08:Pakistan are in serious trouble. They need 155 runs from 82 balls with just five wickets in hand. WICKET. Wasim is gone without troubling the scorers, hits it straight to Kedar Jadhav. Pakistan 135/6

11:04: Imad Wasim at the crease, but it is Sarfraz on strike and the captain takes a couple. Pakistan 134/5, 27 overs (Sarfraz 10, Wasim 0)

11:01: Jadeja, what can he do now? He starts with a dot ball, beats Hafeez the next ball. He does not give the batsman time to settle. Hafeez goes for a slog sweep, and he top edges the ball, caught at the deep. WICKET....Pakistan 131/5

10:59: Hardik, again. Hafeez starts with a couple. They go for another couple, and there is mix up in the middle, but safe. Sarfraz will hold the key now and the skipper will have to lead from the front. A rare wide ball from Hardik. Pakistan 131/4, 26 overs (Hafeez 33, Sarfraz 7) 

10:55: Jadeja with the ball and Sarfraz brings his lap sweep out, easy four runs. Hafeez, who has failed to score briskly, takes another single. Tight bowling from Jadeja. Pakistan 123/4, 25 overs (Hafeez 27, Sarfraz 6)

10:51: Sarfraz Ahmed has come to the batting crease, and gets off the mark with a single. Two runs from the last ball. Pakistan 117/4, 24 overs (Hafeez 26, Sarfraz 1)

10:47: Kohli, sensing Pakistan are getting a move on, brings on Umesh Yadav. Ravindra Jadeja, what a fielder, this guy is, runs out Malik via direct hit from point. This is stunning from Jadu. WICKET.  Pakistan 114/4

10:43: Hafeez finally shows some positive intent, comes down the track and hits it over extra cover for a four. He is down the track again, but only one run. Malik is looking busy at the crease. He hits it for a brilliant six, straight down the ground. He is looking in good touch. Pakistan 113/3, 23 overs (Hafeez 23, Malik 15)

10:40: Hello - welcome to the batting crease!! Hardik bowls a bouncer, dot ball. Malik's response, the next ball is brilliant, slaps the ball to the sweeper cover for a four. Much-needed. Malik is turning it on, back-to-back fours as he glances the ball towards the boundary. Pakistan 102/3, 22 overs (Hafeez 18, Malik 9)

10:36: Shoaib Malik is in. Dot ball. Pakistan 91/3, 21 overs (Hafeez 16, Malik 0)

10:35: Hafeez, one run, first ball. Ali brings up his 50 from 64 balls. He has a long way to go. Hafeez goes for a slog sweep, just one run. WICKET... Ali is gone as he top edges the ball and Pandya takes a catch in the boundary line. Pakistan 91/3. 

10:32: Hardik has not given any room to Pakistan batsmen, making it hard to score off him. Three dot balls, tight bowling. He is mixing it well, bowling it short and some full balls too. Terrific from Hardik, five dot balls. Can he bowl a maiden? No, Hafeez takes a single in the final ball of the over. Pakistan 88/2, 20 overs (Ali 49, Hafeez 14)

10:29: Jadeja bowls it short, and Hafeez pulls that for a boundary. Jadeja, despite that four, has put Pakistan players in trouble. Pakistan 87/2, 19 overs (Ali 49, Hafeez 13)

10:25: Hardik to Hafeez, cramping him for room. No run in the first ball. Hafeez tries to drive the ball, gets the inside half of the bat, one run. It is all about singles, and Kohli will be happy if Pakistan players look for one run only. Three runs from the over. Pakistan 82/2, 18 overs (Ali 49, Hafeez 8)

10:21: Spin now. Jadeja into action. Hafeez takes a single. Ali is trapped LBW, but it looked a tad high. Jadeja has started well, troubling the Pakistan bowlers. Pakistan 79/2, 17 overs (Ali 48, Hafeez 6)

10:18: Hardik with his second over. All the Indian bowlers have been quite impressive with the ball. They have bowled a tight line and length. Run-scoring has not been easy. Not many fours for Pakistan. Man...misfields after misfields...cost India a boundary. Pakistan 76/2, 16 overs (Ali 47, Hafeez 4)

10:13: Yadav is gathering some momentum, running well and bowling a good line and length at good pace. To the third man fielder for a single. Hafeez drives the ball wonderfully well, two runs. This will give him confidence. Pakistan 67/2, 15 overs (Ali 41, Hafeez 2)

10:10: Hardik Pandya with the ball now. Pakistan need to score runs at a brisk rate, and India bowlers are not giving them freebies. What a contest we have in our hands. CATCH DROPPED. Bhuvi makes good ground, but fails to latch onto the ball. Ali gets new life. Pakistan 64/2, 14 overs (Ali 40, Hafeez 0)

10: 05: Hafeez has walked into bat. The ball darts in, and is close to the off-stump. Four dot balls after the wicket. Pakistan 61/2, 13 overs (Ali 37, Hafeez 0)

10:02: India have been poor, too poor. Another misfield and Jadhav lets the ball go through. But Jadeja does not make a mistake when the ball is played at him in the air. Safe fielder is this guy Jadeja, WICKET. AZAM out. Pakistan 61/2, 12.2 overs (Ali 37)

9:57: Leg-bye, one run. Now, Azam on strike to Bumrah. He gets off the mark with a dab down to third man. Could have been two, but good fielding from Yuvi. Ali is rotating the strike well for Pakistan. Poor fielding from Bhuvi, who just lets the ball go right under his nose for a couple. Close call as the pair runs a quick single. Pakistan 57/1, 12 overs (Ali 37, Azam 4)

9:54: Yadav to Azam. He is beaten outside the off-stump. Yadav has been on the money, first three balls of this over. Full ball from Yadav and another dot ball. This is tidy from Yadav. Maiden over. Pakistan 51/1, 11 overs (Ali 36, Azam 0)

9:50: Babar Azam is a class act. This partnership will be crucial for Pakistan, and India will hope to break this partnership. Ali is looking in fine touch. He dabs the ball to the third man for a four. Just one four, that is it. Pakistan 51/1, 10 overs (Ali 36, Azam 0)

9:45: Pakistan openers have started their innings quite well. They are dealing in singles, which is not a bad idea. Ali hits a straight drive, lovely. That had four written all over it, and he follows that with a single. WICKET...... Shehzad is trapped LBW by Bhuvi. Pakistan 47/1,  9 overs (Ali 32)

9:40: Bumrah starts the over with a dot ball. India have to take wickets. The first three balls have been all dot by Shehzad, who glides the ball to third man for one run. Ali hits above the mid-on fielder for a four. Three stumps to aim for the fielder and Pandya misses a golden run out chance. Pakistan 38/0, 8 overs (Ali 24, Shehzad 11)

9:36: The Indian pacers have not been able to dismiss the Pakistan batsmen so far. Misfield from Shikhar as he allows the pair to take a single. The Pakistani batsmen have not been troubled much by India pacers. Pakistan 32/0, 7 overs (Ali 19, Shehzad 10)

9:32: Bumrah to start his first over. On the money, just outside the off-stump, and Shehzad glides the ball to third man for a single. Three balls and just one runs. India will have to take wicket as the traget has been reduced. Ali slashes, hard, at the ball, and he misses it. He tries again, but he sends the ball towards the boundary now. Pakistan 27/0, 6 overs (Ali 16, Shehzad 8)

9:28: One ball to go in the fifth over, and it is Bhuvi to Ali, who plays a dot ball. Pakistan 22/0, 5 overs (Ali 12, Shehzad 7)

9:23: Look at the weather now. The sun has made a sudden appearance, but the question remains - how long? 

9:22: As expected, there is a new target - Pakistan need 289 runs in 41 overs. 

9:21: The covers are off. Good sign!!! We should start the match in the next 10 mins or so. 

9:13: Here is some ICC Champions Trophy record for you, though most of you are aware of it. Here is India vs Pakistan head-to-head. 

8:57: Will bring you all updates, whatever comes my of now, looks quite dark. 

8:56: Ball pitched up, and Shehzad misses it. Good bowling from Bhuvi, who has bowled three dot balls on a row. The balls swings back in, and hits the batsman's pads. NO REVIEW from India. RAIN STOPS PLAY......Pakistan 22/0, 4.5 overs (Ali 12, Shehzad 7)

8:53: Ali beaten outside the off-stump. Good bowling from Yadav. ALi slashes at the ball, hard, and under edges the ball for a single in the third man area. India are bowling well, and Pakistan players are not taking much risks. Bouncer from Yadav, and Ali smashes that ball to the boundaryPakistan 21/0, 4 overs (Ali 12, Shehzad 7)

8:49: Good running between the wickets from the Pakistan batsmen, complete a single in the second ball. Bhuvi is not getting the ball to swing much. On Ali's pads, and Bhuvi is clipped for three runs. Pakistan 15/0, 3 overs (Ali 7, Shehzad 6)

8:45: Umesh Yadav to bowl the second over for India, Shehzad to face. Short and wide from Yadav, and he times the ball for a boundary, left of point fielder.  He follows that with a quick single. Short, and pulled to the long leg fielder for a single. Pakistan 10/0, 2 overs (Ali 3, Shehzad 5)

8:40: Azhar Ali and Ahmed Shehzad - two Pakistan openers. Bhuvneshwar to start proceedings, and that is wide down the leg side. There is play and miss from Ali outside the off stump. The ball darts in, but Ali somehow plays down the leg side for a couple. Pakistan 4/0, 1 over (Ali 2, Shehzad 0)

8:35: Both the teams have walked into the middle. Let the action begin......

8:30: So the new target after the D/L method is 324 runs for Pakistan to win. 

8:25: Thanks Bryan. Hello peeps, this is Ashim, and I will take you through the match, and India have set a good total of 319 runs. Let us see, what Pakistan has in store for us. Hopefully, the rain stays away from Brimingham for the next three plus hours or something. 

8:20: My colleague Ashim Sunam will take you through the second innings. Have an amazing day and enjoy the rest of the match.

To sum up the first innings, Pakistan really struggled with the ball and the target of 320 might prove to be too much for them. However, lets not rule them out just yet and not to forget they currently have two wins over India in the Champions Trophy compared to India's one win over them.


India - 319/3 from 48 overs. 

Pakistan need 320 runs from 48 overs. 

Another intereting fact before I go. Wahab Riaz's economy rate of of 10.03 (87 runs in 8.4 ovrs) is the most expensive for any spell of five or more overs in Champions trophy history.

8:03 - And Kohli finishes off with a four. India set a target of 320 for Pakistan to chase and the rain is back again as the first innings comes to an end. Hopefully the sky will clear out once the second innings is ready to start. India - 319/3, 48 overs (Virat 81, Pandya 20)

7:58 - Imad to bowl the final over and Pandya starts off with two huge sixes and it brings up India's 300. Pandya with another huge six. Maybe this score will be too much for Pakstan for chase. India - 314/3, 47.4 overs (Virat 77, Pandya 19)

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Virat Kohli.PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images.

7:55 - Virat Kohli continues to torment the Pakistan bowlers as he hits a four and follows that up with a huge six.17 from the over. India - 296/3, 47 overs (Virat 77, Pandya 1)

7:53 - Hardik Pandya is the next batsman in. 

7:53 - Hasan Ali finally makes up for dropping that catch and gets the wicket of Yuvraj as Pakistan finally get another wicket.  India - 285/2, 46.2 overs (Virat 67, Yuvraj 53)

7:48 - Imad finishes that over with a dot ball. India - 285/2, 46 overs (Virat 67, Yuvraj 53)

7:46 - Kohli is firing. He hits a four and its a no-ball from Wahab and the Indian skipper hits another four from the free hit. Kohli hits another six. And Yuvraj get his 50 from just 29 balls with a four. 300 looks a real possibility for India at this point. Pakistan under real pressure right now. 21 from the over so far and Wahab is struggling with an injury too.   India - 285/2, 45.5 overs (Virat 67, Yuvraj 53)

7:40 - Yuvraj and Kohli both look settled in and Yuvraj hits a four and Kolhi hits a six to bring up his half century. Big over for India. 17 from it.  India - 264/2, 45 overs (Virat 52, Yuvraj 48)

7:37 - Looks like Amir is going off the field and Wahab is going to complete his over and another dropped catch and its the substitute. This time they could have got Kohli out. Two dropped catches from Pakistan already. This could change the course of the match.  India - 248/2, 44 overs (Virat 45, Yuvraj 39)

7:31 - Amir looks in serious discomfort. He is on the ground as he receives treatment. India - 243/2, 43.1 overs (Virat 42, Yuvraj 37)

7:29 - Hassan Ali continues and Kohli keeps trying to find the boundary but just gets a single. However, Yuvraj seems to be in amazing form. He hits another four. Yuvraj is on fire. He hits a six from the final ball of the over.    India - 242/2, 43 overs (Virat 42, Yuvraj 37)

7:25 - Amir is given the ball again and Pakistan will not be bothered by all the singles India are taking at this point. Yuvraj with another four. He seems to have settled in well. Eight runs from that over.  India - 230/2, 42 overs (Virat 41, Yuvraj 26)

7:21 - Hassan Ali with the ball again and he will be looking to make up for that dropped catch and Kohli will also be looking to get a few boundaries. India gets luckey as Ali get an inside edge on Yuvraj and misses the wicket and goes for a four.  Nine runs from the over. India - 222/2, 41 overs (Virat 39, Yuvraj 20)

7:16 - Yuvraj ends Wahab's over with a four. Seven runs from that over. India - 213/2, 40 overs (Virat 35, Yuvraj 15)

7:12 - Shadab with his final over. The two bastman are rotating strike well right now but Kohli needs to start hitting and a dropped catch from Hasan Ali. What a big difference the wicket of Yuvraj would have made for Pakistan. India - 206/2, 39 overs (Virat 34, Yuvraj 9)

7:08 - Wahab continues and that was a much needed wicket for Pakistan and they need to build on that now and take a few more or they could have a huge total to chase. Yuvraj brings up the 200 with his first four of the match. Eight runs from the over. India - 202/2, 38 overs (Virat 32, Yuvraj 7)

7:04 - Yuvraj Singh is the next batsman in.  India - 194/2, 37 overs (Virat 30, Yuvraj 1)

7:02 - Nothing seems to be working for Pakistan at this point and Sharma is run out. That came out of no where (Babar with the throw). Sharma did seem to be a little tired but still an outstanding innings from the Indian opener.  India - 192/2, 36.3 overs (Virat 29, Rohit 91)

6:57 - Wahab Riaz is back into the attack and Pakistan really need a wicket soon and Rohit Sharma finds the boundry with a beautiful shot and follows that up with a six. That also brings up the 50 partnership between Virat and Rohit. The last ball goes for a single. 13 from the over.  India - 189/1, 36 overs (Virat 28, Rohit 89)

6:54 - Shadab comes in for his eighth over and its good bowling from ththe 18 year old as he gives away just 2 runs. India - 176/1, 35 overs (Virat 27, Rohit 77)

6:50 - We are back under way and the match has been reduced to 48 over and Amir continues and gives away just one run from the over. India - 174/1, 34 overs (Virat 25, Rohit 77)

6:38 - Oops. Bad news guys. The rain has increased slightly and the covers are not off completly just yet. We might have to wait longer for the restart. 

6:36 - The covers are coming off now and the match is about to start again as the players slowly make their way to the field for a third time and lets all join hands and pray to the rain Gods that the match is not disrupted again. 

6:27 - The latest update coming in is that its going to be a 49 over match now and play will restart at 6:40. 

6:03 - And it's bad news for all you cricket fans out there again. The rain is back and the players are off the field. Although it is not as heavy as before so the match could restart much earlier. Stay tuned for the lastest updates. India - 173/1, 33.1 overs (Virat 23, Rohit 77)

6:01 - Another good over from Hasan. Just two runs from it.  India - 173/1, 33 overs (Virat 23, Rohit 77)

Interesting fact: This is Rohit Sharma's highest total against Pakistan.His highest before this match was 68 which came in the Asia Cup in 2012. 

5:54 - Amir gives away eight runs from his sixth over. Kohli with another four.  India - 171/1, 32 overs (Virat 23, Rohit 76)

5:50 - Hasan is given the ball and Pakistan need another breakthrough sometime soon. It's a another good over for Pakistan but they need to pick up a few wickets. India - 163/1, 31 overs (Virat 17, Rohit 74)

5:46 - Amir is back with the ball as Pakistan look for the second wicket. He keeps it tight again. He might not be getting wickets but he is not givig away too many runs either. He has just given away 15 runs from his five overs so far.  India - 162/1, 30 overs (Virat 16, Rohit 74)

5:41 - Pakistan continue with Shadab and they need to pick up a few wickets now or India look set to make a huge total for them to Chase. Four from the over.  India - 161/1, 29 overs (Virat 15, Rohit 74)

5:38 - Malik gets the ball again and Kohli gets his first four of the match. Good over for India. 10 from the over.  India - 157/1, 28 overs (Virat 13, Rohit 72)

5:35 - Shadab continues and its six from the over and Virat and Rohit seem happy with singles for now.  India - 147/1, 27 overs (Virat 5, Rohit 70)

5:31 - Change of bowling as Imad comes into the attack again and its a good over. Just three from it India - 141/1, 26 overs (Virat 2, Rohit 67)

5:28 - Good over from Pakistan as they finally got a wicket and a much needed one.  India - 138/1, 25 overs (Virat 1, Rohit 65)

5:27 - Virat Kohli is the next bastman in. 

5:27 - 18 year old Shadab continus and he picks up the first wicket of the match. Dhawan out. The batsman hits a full toss straight into the hands of Azhar ali.  India - 136/1, 24.3 overs 

5:23 - Malik with a good start to his second over but Dhawan his a four from the second last ball. six from the over.  India - 135/0, 24 overs (Shikhar 68, Rohit 63)

5:20 - Shadab in his fourth over now and does well this time around as he gives away just four runs. India - 129/0, 23 overs (Shikhar 63, Rohit 62)

5:18 - Shoaib Malik is into the attack now and he keeps it tight in his first over. Just four runs given away.  India - 125/0, 22 overs (Shikhar 61, Rohit 60)

5:14 - Dhawan is not going easy on 18 year old Shadab as he hits him for a six in the first ball of his third over. He keeps i tight the rest of the five balls but Rohit and Shikhar seem to be finding their feet at the crease.  India - 121/0, 21 overs (Shikhar 59, Rohit 58)

5:09 - Dhawan is getting into the action too as he brings up India's 100 and hits three consecutive fours and he takes a two in the next ball and he too reaches his 50.    India - 110/0, 20 overs (Shikhar 51, Rohit 55)

5:06 - Shadab comes in for his second over and Sharma gets his fifty as he hits the first six of the match. He could have gotten out in the third ball but his shot fell just short of the Pakistan fielder.   India - 95/0, 19 overs (Shikhar 36, Rohit 55)

5:02 - Wahab continues and its a tidy over as he concedes just three runs and some good Fielding from Pakistan.  India - 87/0, 18 overs (Shikhar 36, Rohit 47)

4:59  - Shadab Khan comes into the attach. The right-arm leg break does well. Just five from his first over. India seem happy with the singles for now. India - 83/0, 17 overs (Shikhar 35, Rohit 44)

4:55 - A chance for a run out. Sharma slips but the Pakistan keeper misses the wickets and the Indian batsman follows that up with a four and Dhawan ends the over with another over.  India - 79/0, 16 overs (Shikhar 33, Rohit 42)

4:51 - Hasan continues and keeps it tight again. Just four runs given away. Rohit and Shikhar are taiking their time to settle in again.   India - 66/0, 15 overs (Shikhar 27, Rohit 36)

4:45 - Change of bowler as Wahab Riaz comes in and does well. Just gives away three runs. India - 62/0, 14 overs (Shikhar 26, Rohit 33)

4:41 - Hasan with the ball again and he improves from his previous over as he gives away just four runs.  India - 59/0, 13 overs (Shikhar 25, Rohit 31)

4:36 -Imad just concedes three and keeps it tidy.  India - 55/0, 12 overs (Shikhar 23, Rohit 30) 

4:33 - Hasan is back into the attack and his first three balls were good as he conceded only one run but he followed that up with a no-ball and Rohit hit a four from the free-hit.  India - 52/0, 11 overs (Shikhar 21, Rohit 29)

4:28 - So Imad has one ball remaining and its a dot ball.  India - 46/0, 10 overs (Shikhar 20, Rohit 25)

4:24 - The rain has stopped and the covers are off and the match is expected to start at 4:30. The Pakistan players are already on the pitch. 

4:11 -  Good news ladies and gentlemen. The covers are off and it shouldn't be long before we restart. The umpires are on the field now checking things out. 

3:46 - So that was a decent start from India after 9.5 overs with the score currently at 46 for 0.  There were always chancs of rain stopping the match but stay tuned and we'll bring you the latest updates. 

3:40 -Dhawan gets into the action and gets his first boundry and its raining ladies and gentlemen. The players are running back into the pavillion and the covers are coming on.  India - 46/0, 9.5 overs (Shikhar 20, Rohit 25)

3:36 -Change of bowling as Hasan Ali comes in. After two dot ballls and a single, Rohit Sharma hit a four but Ali keeps it tight overall. India - 37/0, 9 overs (Shikhar 12, Rohit 24)

3:31- Imad back into the attack and keeps it tight, Just five from the over. India - 32/0, 8 overs (Shikhar 11, Rohit 20)

3:27 - Rohit Sharma finds the boundary once again. Dhawan still taking his time to settle. India - 26/0, 7 overs (Shikhar 6 , Rohit 19)

3:24 - India - 20/0, 6 overs (Shikhar 6, Rohit 14)

3:20 - India - 15/0, 5 overs (Shikhar 5, Rohit 9)

3:16 - India - 9/0, 4 overs (Sharma 4, Dhawan 4)

3:12 - Amir just gives two runs from his second over. (Sharma -2,  Dhawan -2)

3:08 - Just three of the over. India - 3/0, 0 2 overs 

3:05 - Imad Wasim to Dhawan. 

3:04 - That's a good first over from Amir. India - 0/0, 0 1 over

3:00 - So its going to be Mohammad Amir to Rohit Sharma. 

2:55 -  So the two teams are out on the field as they line up for their national anthem. 

2:41 - So we are just under 20 minutes away from the start of the match and here is a look at what the Indian fans think about this match. 

2:35 - Here is a look at the playing 11 for both teams.

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah

Pakistan: Azhar Ali, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed(w/c), Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Amir, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali

2:31 - Pakistan have won the toss and chose to field first.  

2:27 - An India-Pakistan match is sort of incomplete if the players dont get involved in a fight and over the years there have been a lot of them. To get yourself in the mood for another high octane match which could possibly see another fight, here is a look at some of the fights the two nations have had over the years. 

2:10 - Pakistan have already named their 12 players for today's match and they are: Sarfraz Ahmed, Ahmed Shehzad, Azhar Ali, Babar Azam, Fahim Ashraf, Hasan Ali,Imad Wasim, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Hafeez, Shadab Khan, Shoaib Malik, Wahab Riaz

2:01 - We are just under an hour away from the start of the match and after yesterdays London attacks, reports say that security has been beefed up and is much more than what it was for the previous matches. 

The day that all cricket fans around the world have been waiting for is finally here. It's India vs Pakistan in the Champions Trophy 2017 and it just can't get any bigger and better than this. I, Bryan Rodrigues, will be bringing you all the live updates and happenings from the match right here so stay tuned for an amazing day of cricket.

Pakistan 113/3,