It is a challenging time for all of us. Most of us have never been in such a situation like this ever before. When the entire country is under lockdown and everything, literally, has come to standstill just with one aim: to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

corona warrior
Corona warriorCredit: Twitter

Not to mention, this massive level lockdown and the restriction and inconvenience that follows it is affecting all ou us -in more or less severe way.

Those fortunate of us who are with our family in these tough times have the invaluable support of our loved ones and are able to bear this tough and uncertain time bit easily. But there are many who are away from their family, in new and different places. They are there for work, education, medical treatment or simply stuck in between a task they had planned to finish and return to their home sooner.

Families of all such people would definitely want them to be back home, but, seeing the need of the hour, it is imperative for all of us to stay wherever we are.

Encouraging people to put their safety and that of their countrymen first, PM Narendra Modi urged people to remain where ever they are and announced a 21-days lockdown on Tuesday.

He today shared a touching video of a girl who urges his father not to come back from Mumbai where he might have gone for a work.

In the video, she says that she and her mother don't miss him and that he doesn't need to come back-not because that they don't love him-but because his life is more important to them than him risking his life and that of others in his quest to reach home.

She is dubbed as a corona warrior for taking a tough call in this difficult time.

Indeed, we all want to stick together in difficult times and family is the basic unit of the society. So it is incumbent upon us that we put the safety of every member of our family, and by extension, our country on top.

Hundreds gather at Andhra-Telangana border despite lockdown
Hundreds gather at Andhra-Telangana border despite lockdown

Sometimes ensuring safety means maintaining social distance.

The number of coronavirus in the country has crossed the mark of 700 on Thursday with experts saying that it is going to increase in huge numbers if not controlled in the early stages of its spread.

The government has imposed the lockdown till April 15 suspending all non-essential services barring food, medicines, and limited banking services.

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