For the first time in the history of India, the entire nation is facing a threat to its existence as the Covid scare large looms above everyone's head. The pandemic that apparently originated in Wuhan, China, has affected all the countries on planet earth, but now, India is one of the epicenters of the infection, especially after the detection of the Delta and Delta Plus variant of Covid. Even though medical experts unanimously agree on the importance of ramping up vaccination to curb the spread of the pandemic, several Indians are still hesitant to receive the shots. 

Indians hesitant to receive Covid vaccination

International Business Times, India edition talked to some people who openly expressed their hesitance to receive the Covid vaccine. Most of these people claimed that coronavirus infection is not a dangerous disease that does not demand vaccination. The views shared by these people clearly indicate that several Indians have not understood the deadliness and transmissibility of this unknown enemy, which in turn hints at the fact that more awareness is needed to make India virus-free. 

Covid vaccine
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"I am not ready to take the vaccine. Why should I? My sisters are going to receive the vaccines tomorrow, and I am going to drop them at the vaccination center. But I am not interested to take the vaccine," said Pradeep, a young man from Kerala. 

Sunil Kumar, another young man from Kerala revealed that his parents are not agreeing to receive the coronavirus vaccine shots. 

"My parents are above 60 years of age. Despite my repeated requests, my parents are not agreeing to receive the coronavirus vaccine. After denying my request, my mother recently tested positive for coronavirus infection and was admitted to the hospital for 17 days. If she was vaccinated, she would not have developed such complications. The government should pay more attention to create awareness among the general public," added Sunil. 

Covid vaccination: The most effective way to stay safe

Medical experts have put forward two possible ways by which a person can stay away from coronavirus infection. The first one is by practicing effective social distancing strategies which include staying indoors, wearing masks, and using sanitizers. The second method is by developing antibodies in the body which can be achieved through vaccination. 

It should be also noted that the only permanent way to curb the spread of the Covid pandemic is vaccination, as social distancing measures may be compromised at times. So, it is highly necessary to receive vaccination, and it should be the national duty of every Indian citizen. 

People should understand that receiving the vaccination is a social responsibility, and people should get the shot to keep themselves and the society safe from the dreaded pandemic that has already claimed the lives of more than 3.4 million people worldwide.