When the first case of coronavirus infection was recorded in Wuhan, China, no medical experts in the world expected this disease to turn out to be a global pandemic. However, questioning the very existence of normal human life, the Covid infection soon spread like a wildfire and has already claimed the lives of 3.4 million people worldwide. And now, a man who battled Covid for 14 months has died, after he decided to withdraw the treatment to end his sufferings forever. 

Jason Kelk: The man who battled Covid for 14 months

Jason Kelk, the longest Covid in-patient was admitted to the hospital on March 31 last year. The 49-year-old man had severe Covid complications, and he was there in the hospital until June 18, 2021. On the morning of June 18, he was transported to a nearby hospice, and he was given a chance to spend time with his family members. 

longest covid in patient
Jason Kelk (Left), Representational Image (Right)Sue Kelk (SWNS), Pixabay

Sue Kelk, Jason's wife revealed that he decided to withdraw coronavirus treatment as the disease made him suffer a lot. 

"It was so peaceful. It was definitely important for him to do it on his terms. But he is leaving an awful lot of people absolutely bereft. People might not think he has been brave but my God, he has been brave. I really think he has. And I just think that this is the bravest thing that you could ever do - to actually say 'I don't want to live like this anymore," said Sue Kelk, Daily Star reports

The unbelievable Covid battle of Jason Kelk

Jason Kelk had type II diabetes and asthma, and he was transferred to the intensive care unit on April 3. Several times, the virus damaged his lungs and kidneys, but he survived like a warrior. This March, he came back to life like a phoenix bird, and was out of the ventilator for 15 days. However, he was again attacked by the deadly Covid virus, and he finally decided to end the battle forever on June 18.