As the coronavirus vaccination rollout is progressing steadily in India, women in the nation are very much concerned about whether they can receive the Covid jabs during the time of their menstruation. It should be noted that menstruation is a well-orchestrated function of a female body, and this cycle commences when menstrual hormones in the body get activated. The entire cycle of menstruation occurs over a period of 28-30 days inside the body, but women will see the periods only that is visible to them which happens at the end of this cycle. 

How Covid vaccination will affect the menstrual cycle of a woman? 

The administration of the Covid vaccine is aimed at preparing the human body to fight against the infection. According to medical experts, the administration of vaccines could lead to the production of immune-boosting antibodies that may affect the menstruation process. 

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However, this change in the menstrual cycle will affect only a very few women, and it could last for only one or two cycles. It means that receiving the Covid vaccine even during the time of periods is very safe. So, it is highly recommended to receive the jabs against coronavirus whenever the opportunity is available. 

When should women consult a medical expert?

According to medical experts, slight changes in the pattern of the menstrual cycle after receiving the coronavirus vaccine could be normal, and there is no need to worry. However, if a woman is bleeding heavily, it is highly recommended to seek the help of a doctor. Some other cases where women should consult a doctor are mentioned below. 

  • When the bleeding becomes heavy and painful. 
  • A very long delay in developing periods. 
  • Undergoing drastic changes in the pattern of menstruation for more than two cycles.

If menopausal women are experiencing bleeding after receiving the Covid vaccine, they should consult a medical expert immediately.