India, China joint military exercises
India and Chinese soldiers interacting with each other [Representational Image] In Picture: An Indian army officer (L) talks with a Chinese soldier at the 4,310 metre high Nathu-la pass on the country's northeastern border with China in this 9 April 2005 file photo.Reuters

India and China will soon have a hotline linking their military and regional bases. The final decision will be made next Tuesday during the talks between the defence secretaries of both the nations.

Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra is to hold a meeting with Lt General Shao Yuanming of the People's Liberation Army on November 13 and 14, Hindustan Times reports.

The talks for this move is done to prevent any form of transgressions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and having a direct line between the two countries will also help conversations take place easier.

The Hindustan Times report states that an Indian military commander and PLA Commander of Western Theatre Command in charge of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Xinjiang will also have a direct line.

According to former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal, the hotlines will also help the PLA to maintain peace at the LAC (Tibet) by getting direct orders from its headquarters at Beijing, reports claim. The hotlines will also help with Delhi's direct connection to Beijing.

The only setback India is facing now is that India does not have a theatre like what the PLA has where the western theatre takes care of the command of Xinjiang and Tibet. In the North-east, the Indian army controls the LAC.

The establishing of hotlines between the two countries will set the stage for the 2019 bilateral talks which include military exercises too scheduled.

A joint-military exercise is going to be held in December in Chengdu region.

There is a rise in the dialogue between the two countries and due to this, Hindustan Times reports that the breaking of codes of conduct across the LAC has decreased.