India won against Pakistan in today's T20 World Cup. Indians from around the world, including celebrities, were glued to the nail-biting match held today at Melbourne Cricket Ground. With every passing over, Indians all around the world only hoped and prayed that India wins against Pakistan. All thanks to Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya, they made the impossible seem possible as India recovered from 31/4 to 144/5.

Kohli made 82 runs in 53 balls, and his six 4s and four 6s were the perfect 'Chak De India' moment for the fans who cheered and for India's momentous win today.


Virat Kohli gets teary-eyed post win leaves fans emotional 

During the presentation ceremony, after the match, Virat Kohli in a chat with Ravi Shastri said, "It's a surreal atmosphere, I have no words, no idea how that happened. I am really lost for words. Hardik believed we can do it if we stayed till the end. When Shaheen bowled from the pavilion end, that's when we decided to take him down. Haris is their prime bowler, and I hit those two sixes. The calculation was simple. Nawaz had one over to bowl, so if I could take Haris down, they would panic. From 28 in 8, it came down to 16 to 6. I tried to stick to my instincts."

He also took to his social media and shared a carousel of his winning moments from today's match, Take a look

Thanking his fans he wrote, "Special win. Thank you to all our fans for turning up in numbers."

Not just the fans at the stadium, Bollywood celebs, Virat's wife-actress Anushka Sharma and Virat's team members lauded Virat's magnificent win.

Twitter is abuzz with wishes, memes, and heartfelt clips from today's winning moment.

King Kohli, as his fans rightly call him gave India the biggest Diwali gift! Take a look at how the fans and celebs have reacted to India's win. 

Rohit Sharma lifts Virat after the spectacular win

India captain Rohit Sharma celebrated India's win by shouting his loudest he proceeded to lift Kohli on his shoulder.

The image and the clip have gone viral.

His wife Anushka Sharma an actress took to Instagram to celebrate his win. She wrote, "You beauty!! You freaking beauty!! You have brought sooooo much joy in peoples lives tonight and that too on the eve of Diwali! You are a wonderful wonderful man my love. Your grit, determination and belief is mind boggling !! I have just watched the best match of my life I can say and although our daughter is too small to understand why her mother was dancing around and screaming wildly in the room, one day she will understand that her dad played his best innings that night which followed after a phase that was tough on him but he came out of it stronger and wiser than ever before! So proud of you !! Your strength is contagious and you my love, are LIMITLESS!!
Love you forever and through thick and thin."

Other celebs too celebrated India's win.

Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan, Kartik Aaryan, Sushmita Sen,  Abhishek Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Javed Akhtar. 

Devendra Fadnavis also took to Instagram and shared a clip of Rohit Sharma lifting Virat after the win over Pakistan in today's match. 

Fans get emotional and hailed King Kohli for giving India the biggest win against Pakistan. Here are some Tweets and posts from IG posts.

Team India also celebrated the big win!

Team India is set to face Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Bangladesh, South Africa and Zimbabwe in the remaining matches of the round.