The mysteries surrounding conspiracy theories involving alien existence and time travel have been the hottest debating point among netizens for years. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, several people strongly believe that these conspiracy theories could be real. 

And now, amid speculations all over the internet regarding these conspiracy theories, a self-proclaimed time travel has bizarrely claimed that aliens will visit the earth in the next three to four years, and added that the United States will be devastated by a meteor hit. 

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Time traveler's eerie predictions

The self-styled time traveler made his predictions on Tik Tok, where he claimed that the United States will be destroyed in just 12 years' time, following a hit by a space rock. 

"I am a real time traveller from the year 2236 and I have come to a date in time to warn you about upcoming events in the next few years. In 2025, scientists discover signs of life on two different planets and they are proven to be more advanced than humans. A meteor will come down to Earth in 2034 and will wipe out half of America," said the time traveler in the video. 

Time travel mysteries continue

Even though most people consider these claims a hoax, several people believe that something unknown to the current human conscience is going on on planet earth. 

A few weeks back, another time traveler who apparently came from the year 2671 claimed that aliens will land on earth this year. 

"December 8, 2022: A large meteor hits Earth containing new types of metals and alien species," said the time traveler. 

He also added that the James Webb Telescope will soon find a mirror version of the earth.