The concept of time traveling has been baffling humans for years. According to experts, time travel could be possible if humans succeed in traveling beyond the speed of light, but, this is practically impossible. 

However, due to the mysterious factor associated with this concept, online spaces are loaded with videos related to the topic, and some clips even feature self-styled time travelers making weird predictions about the future. 

time travel
Representational Image: Pixabay

And now, one such video has gone viral on TikTok, and in the clip, the self-proclaimed time traveler claims that a deadly virus outbreak will happen in 2024. 

Virus to originate in a third-world country 

The TikTok user who goes by the name @timetravlehqr predicted that this new deadly virus will originate in a third-world country, and it will later spread to different nooks of the planet. 

In the TikTok video, the self-styled time traveler revealed that he is from the year 2096. According to the time traveler, before this virus outbreak, several crucial events will happen in the world including a partial alien disclosure. 

"2022: The United States will share UFO (unidentified flying objects) documents with the public.  2023: The largest living creature will be discovered underground. 2024: A dangerous and mysterious virus will break out in a third-world country and spread all over the world. Be prepared," said the time traveler, Daily Star reports. 

Are these claims real or not? 

The revelations made by the self-styled time traveler have gone viral on online spaces, and some of his followers believe that these predictions could be real. 

However, skeptics claim that these time travel predictions are nothing but planned hoaxes, aimed at elevating online viewership.