The concept of time traveling has been perplexing human beings for ages. Due to the curiosity associated with the topic, the internet is flooded with several videos where self-proclaimed time travelers share their experiences from the future. Even though most of these videos are being made for the sake of publicity, these clips often get huge popularity in online spaces.

And now, one such time travel video has gone viral on TikTok, and in that clip, the alleged time traveler claims that he is the only person who is alive in the year 2027. He also added that an apocalypse has wiped out the remaining human race from the earth's surface. 

time travel
Representational Image: Pixabay

The last human to walk on earth

The video has been shared on TikTok by a user named @unicosobreviviente, and in the clip, he shows footage from the year 2027, where he walks down an empty street in Spain where parked cars line the side of the road.

The self-styled time traveler later strolls through a deserted children's playground and past some apartments without another human coming in front of the camera. 

The video shared by the TikToker has already gone viral on online spaces. Even though most of the viewers called his claims rubbish, a section of his followers believes that he could be legit. Some users urged the time traveler to stay safe and requested him to leave Spain at any cost. 

The time traveler who predicted extraterrestrial war

A few weeks back, another alleged time traveler who goes by the name 'futuretimetraveller' on TikTok bizarrely warned that aliens will visit earth in 2022. In the video, the time traveler also added that the alien visit could result in an extraterrestrial war. 

In a different video, another time traveler predicted that the biggest creature on planet earth will be discovered in 2022. He also added that a devastating earthquake could hit California in 2024.