Conspiracy theorists have been long claiming that alien existence is real and an advanced extraterrestrial species is already here on earth, which has close ties with world powers like Israel and the United States. 

And now, a heated discussion, in connection with the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), suggests that those little green men, often depicted in Hollywood movies could be real. 


Little aliens on earth?

According to recent posts on the BUFORA website and social media talks, several people believe that pocket-sized aliens could be well existent on earth, and they might be even eyeing an invasion, Daily Star reported. 

"We recently received an interesting email at our enquiries desk from someone telling us they had (seen) a tiny humanoid-shaped figure," wrote BUFORA on its website. 

The eyewitness who reported the incident to BUFORA further noted that the alien has a huge head, and it stood a little more than six inches in length. 

Meanwhile, Chris Bonham, a 57-year-old alien hunter claimed that these aliens might be looking for an invasion. 

"It sounds like they've sent a scout down to check on us, so the next step, presumably, is a full-scale invasion," said Bonham. 

BUFORA claims that 259 UFO alien sightings were reported in 2021, a strong indication of something weird happening in the skies. 

Israeli expert who admitted alien existence

A few months back, Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief bizarrely claimed that alien existence is real. According to Eshed, world powers are aware of extraterrestrial existence, and there is an underground base where Israel and the US are working together with some advanced beings. 

He also indicated the existence of a galactic federation, where humans and several extraterrestrial species are representatives.