Every Indian was a witness how leaders from across all party lines bid an emotional farewell to Ghulam Nabi Azad on his retirement from the Rajya Sabha this week, with prime minister Narendra Modi, in particular, being emotional and recalling the efforts of the senior Congress leader in bringing back people from Gujarat those who were stuck in Kashmir during a terror attack in 2007.

Azad, 71, called himself to be one among the fortunate ones who never went to Pakistan but felt proud to be a part of India.

Ghulam Nabi Azad

Attributing his success to the 'Iron Lady', Indira Gandhi, the retiring lawmaker said the former prime minister and Sanjay Gandhi had given him many opportunities to work in the Congress party.

One among all

But among all hailing his work and how Azad has managed his responsibilities so efficiently while being in office, a small memory shared on social media by an Indian journalist of her daughter who once became a lucky one to share a short interaction with the Congress leader during an almost one hour flight from New Delhi to Kashmir, has grabbed the readers' attention.

"My daughter seconds PM Modi's sentiments about @ghulamnazad (Many years ago they shared space on a #Kashmir flight. He invited her to sit next to him and she kept him occupied for the larger part of the flight. Only a sweet human could have indulged the child, the way he did," Prerna Koul Mishra shared in a post on Twitter.

Ghulam Nabi Azad farewell

To which the leader added, "I do remember how talkative the sweetie was, convey my regards and best wishes to her."

Door is always opened

The Prime Minister on Tuesday broke down several moments during his 13-minute long speech, as he recalled his close association with Azad and said, "At a personal level, I would request him to not consider that he is not in the House".

But it was hard-hitting statement by Modi that was made at a time when the government and opposition is engaged in a standoff in Parliament over the farm laws, saying loud that "my door is always open for all of you... I will always expect, and value, your views."

In return, Azad also thanked the Prime Minister for attending his farewell and lauded former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for his ability to seek solutions by including everyone.

Farewell Ghulam Nabi Azad

He also highlighted people will keep their trust in the lawmakers till the time they do work for them and pass laws.

"If we only keep on fighting amongst ourselves, we will lose the trust of people," he said.

Meanwhile, addressing the need to rule without any biases, Azad said that he would be ashamed to work with any political worker who "works on the basis of religion or community or even party".