Hyderabad Vat
Hyderabad Vat

The mother of Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, 20, one of the four accused in Hyderabad veterinarian's rape and murder case, said that her son should be hanged if he is found guilty in the heinous crime.

A truck driver and three cleaners were arrested hours after the charred body of the veterinarian was found on November 27. According to the police, the accused had planned to sexually assault her when they saw her parking her two-wheeler at Tondupally toll plaza. They deflated a tyre of her scooter and offered a helping hand to get it repaired

Truck driver Mohammed, alias Areef, 26, reportedly sent cleaner Jollu Shiva, 20, to get the bike repaired. Shiva returned and told the victim that the shop was closed. Minutes later, he went in search of another shop to repair the vehicle. Areef and other cleaners Jollu Naveen, 20, and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, 20, dragged her to a plot and raped her. She died due to asphyxiation as the accused had covered her mouth and nose.

Mother of Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu spoke to the media at Gudigandla village in Makthal Mandal of Narayanapet district and refused to accept that her son would do such a crime. She alleged that lorry driver Mohammed, alias Areef, who is the prime accused in the case, took her son on the fateful day.

"He is an 'innocent' boy who would blindly follow others. He doesn't have such criminal tendencies, but on that day Mohammed could have offered him alcohol. If my son is wrong, burn him the same way she was burnt. Isn't the victim also a daughter of a mother? I am suffering today, I can imagine what the girl's mother is going through," Chennakeshavulu's mother told media.

The crimes against women are increasing with each passing day. The people across the country are outraged by the latest rape and murder of Hyderabad woman veterinary doctor. Millions of people have expressed shock, sadness and anger against this crime. They have urged for immediate trial and severe punishment for the criminals.