Police torture in China still routine despite reforms

Six years after China took steps to crack down on torture by police, detainees continue to be beaten, hanged by their wrists and shackled to iron chairs, New York-based rights group Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday (13 May). May 13, 2015

Theresa May: Migrants may have to return to Africa

Britains Home Secretary Theresa May on Wednesday (13 May) criticised the EUs approach to stemming the flow of migrants crossing the Mediterranean into Europe, saying that by not sending economic migrants back, the bloc was encouraging them to travel. May 13, 2015

UNHCR demands legal protection for migrants

The European director of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) demanded on Tuesday (5 May) clarification of the legal status for migrants in the EU in order to control the massive influx of people smuggled in by boats. May 6, 2015

US: Divided Supreme Court wrestles with same-sex marriage case

The US Supreme Court appeared sharply divided on 28 April along ideological lines on whether the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage, but Justice Anthony Kennedy, a pivotal vote, seemed open to legalising same-sex marriage nationwide. Apr 29, 2015