Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday that he will visit India this month and will host a Townhall Q&A at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi on 28 October. 

Zuckerberg posted the message on his Facebook page, stating that with more than 130 million people using the social media platform in India, he is "looking forward to hearing directly from one of our most active and engaged communities." 

The Facebook head also invited questions for the Townhall in the comments section of his post, and asked people to vote for questions they want to be raised by 'liking' it. 

Several questions posted in the comment section were centred on the net neutrality debate, given that Facebook's Internet.org initiative, which is now called Free Basics, has been criticised for violating the concept. 

However, one of the most top-voted questions on Zuckerberg's post is about a more mundane issue - that of Candy Crush requests. 

"How to stop getting candy crush request? I seriously don't wanna play it," the comment read, and has so far received the highest number of votes - 4,013. 

Another highly-voted question is about ensuring how children can be protected from obscenity on the platform. The comment has received over a 1000 'Likes'. 

The question seems to be aimed for children between 6 and 12 years of age, even though Facebook only allows a person above 13 years of age to have an account. 

Given that Zuckerberg's post has received thousands of comments in just two hours, it is likely that more questions will come up that will be massively voted and 'liked'. 

Zuckerberg said he will be answering questions from Facebook as well as from a live audience at IIT Delhi. 

This will be Zuckerberg's second visit to India in just over a year. 

He had visited India last October for the first Internet.org summit in Delhi and also visited a "cyber village" in Rajasthan's Alwar district.