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In a gruesome incident, the mutilated body of a six-year-old was found behind Le Meridien hotel on Gurugram-Faridabad Highway on Tuesday. The police initially suspected that an animal could have killed the boy. However, after investigation and the study of the injury patterns on the boy's body, the police came to the conclusion that the boy could have been murdered, reports The Times of India.

Along with the recent discoveries of the cause of death, the Child Welfare Committee is questioning a 12-year-old boy. The boy was last seen on Monday evening with the 12-year-old and his body was found on Tuesday afternoon.

Nose, eyes, ears and skin tissue were missing from the skull

"His skull bones were found broken which means he was hit by some sharp, heavy weapon. We cannot say anything more. There is no neck to investigate gagging or torso to investigate sexual crimes. His skull also did not have skin tissue and there were many cuts or animal bite marks on his legs. We have reserved samples for a DNA test. The cause of death will be clear after other tests and further police investigation," Dr Deepak Mathur, the forensic expert who conducted the post-mortem, was quoted as saying by TOI.

The police also said that nose, eyes, ears and skin tissue were missing. They are investigating the possibility of acid being used to dissolve the missing tissue from the body.

The boy was last seen alive on Monday afternoon

According to the boy's family, he was last seen on Monday afternoon with two friends, including the 12-year-old suspect.

"Around noon on Monday, I had lunch with my son at home and then went to sleep. When I woke up after an hour, I found he wasn't home. Thinking he was playing outside, I went to get medicines for my wife, who is a cancer patient. But soon afterwards, I got a call from her that my son was untraceable. I thought he had gone somewhere to play but a local barber told me he saw the 12-year-old boy taking him to the forest. We went there along with police on Tuesday and found the body," the boy's father, a gardener, told TOI.

An initial statement by the suspect said that he along with the victim and another friend, a six-year-old friend had roamed around DLF 1 in Gurugram and then went to a playground. There, the victim got into a fight with the other boys. They then left him in the park.

However, the 12-year-old boy later said that he pushed the boy before leaving.

A case has been filed under sections 301 (hiding evidence) and 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) with DLF 1 police station. However, since no arrests have been made, there is no name in the complaint.