The Muslim family who was brutally attacked by a mob on the day of Holi celebrations in Gurugram in Delhi has now threatened to commit mass suicide over the negligence of authorities. The family from Bhup Singh Nagar in Gurugram claims that there is a lot of political pressure in the case and the police and civil administration are favouring the goons over the incident.

Muslim family attacked in Gurugram during 2019 Holi on March 21
Muslim family attacked in Gurugram during 2019 Holi on March 21screengrab

In a video that had gone viral on the internet, it shows that the family was assaulted by an angry mob of nearly 40 people on March 21. The attackers had used iron rods and stick to beat the victims while telling them to "go back to Pakistan". They have been living in the area from the past 15 years.

The victims said that even though everyone knows that the attacks were pre-planned and the issue is in public domain, none of the authoritarians is taking stringent actions. They also claimed that the attackers and their family members are threatening them to withdraw the case.

One of the victims, Mohammed Akhtar said, "The attackers keep coming to our house and abuse our women and girls. If district administration and police do not help us get justice, we will commit mass suicide", reported IANS.

He also alleged that the local police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) against two youths of our family to put pressure on us.

The family has submitted a memorandum to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Sohna city asking for a quick trial over the case. The suicide threat has also been mentioned in the memo, in case justice is not served to them. The family has also threatened to migrate from Gurgaon to Delhi, adds the report.

According to the FIR filed at Bhondsi police station, some relatives of Sajid (victim) had come to his house on Holi when the incident took place. His nephew was playing cricket in a nearby plot when two boys came there and asked them, "What are you doing here? Go to Pakistan and play."

When Sajid waylaid the boys, they slapped him and a few moments later the duo was joined by several others armed with weapons and this lead to the attack. The family alleged that the attackers not only assaulted them but also stole their valuables from home.

According to the police, both the accused and victims were involved in the dispute. Gurgaon (South) DCP Himanshu Garg said that "We have arrested 13 persons so far and more arrests could be made. The allegation of favouritism is baseless."

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