Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg
Facebook's COO Sheryl SandbergREUTERS

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has put speculations to rest about the social networking giant breaking up into multiple entities. The rumours began gaining momentum when Facebook's co-founder Chris Hughes had written an op-ed for the New York Times and suggested that the company should be separated into multiple companies. Hughes had said that the company's growing size and CEO Zuckerberg's "staggering" influence was "unprecedented and unAmerican".

When asked about the rumours, Sandberg said, "I think there are real concerns about the size and power of tech companies, particularly in the US," reports Times of India.

She added, "The question is, 'What is the answer to making sure that we have the right regulatory framework in place? Anti-trust... is really about consumer protection and making sure that consumers have a choice. I think if you look at our products, and you look at what we do, it's just pretty clear that there is a lot of choices."

Sandberg had made these comments during a two-day event named Facebook International Media Day.

"The thing about tech companies, we are more likely to be usurped by the next generation of tech companies than almost any other industry. In our industry things change so quickly," Sandberg was quoted as saying by reports.

"But we really believe that the regulatory framework does need to be enhanced. We're calling for regulation in areas like privacy."

Saying that all big companies face problems at some point, Sandberg went on to compare the social media company with the print industry, radio channels, television industry and even railroads industry, reports TOI.