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Gynaecologists have revealed that you need to consume a balanced diet and work out regularly if you are planning to conceive and your irregular periods are a cause for concern.

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Here are the things suggested by Lavanya Kiran, a gynaecologist at Narayana Group of Hospitals, and Anil Prakash, a consultant at MMG District Hospital, that women with irregular periods should do when trying to conceive:

Working out:

Exercising moderately helps a lot when you are trying to conceive. Carrying out activities like yoga, brisk walking and cycling can help in depleting hormonal imbalance which is the main cause of irregularity in periods. Those women who are overweight can enhance their chances of conceiving by shedding just 5 percent of their body weight, a Hindustan Times report revealed.

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Follow a balanced diet:

Follow a diet which involves multivitamin supplements and nutrition would help in managing all hormonal and fertility related issues. Consume foods that are high in folic acid and other fertility boosting foods. According to experts, consuming foods like soybean, cabbage, tomatoes and dry fruits on the daily basis can aid in improving fertility and help you conceive faster.

Get rid of stress:

Improper sleep and stress can lead to an irregular menstrual cycle. The emotions and cycles of a woman are linked to each other. Try keeping yourself calm and tension free in order to avoid any irregularity. You can regulate your menstrual cycle by trying to control the number of hours you work and following a healthy lifestyle. You could use tools like yoga and meditation for controlling the problem too.

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Tracking fertile days:

Women have chances of getting pregnant only for a few days during their cycle. Though it's easy for women with regular cycle to find out when exactly they have their fertile days, it is comparatively difficult for women with irregular cycle. If you suffer from irregular periods, you can figure out your fertile days with the help of a fertility monitor – a device which will help in finding out the levels of oestrogen as well as luteinizing hormone present in urine. You can figure out around six fertility days depending on your cycle with the help of the fertility monitor depending on the irregularity you face.

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Copulating very often:

Having sex frequently is said to be important if you want to conceive quicker, but too much of sex is actually not going to help you out. Having an intercourse every alternate day during your fertile days is considered to be ideal for getting pregnant faster even if you have irregular periods, a Hindustan Times report revealed.

If you still don't conceive, consulting a gynaecologist is recommended.