You will be shocked to know what crazy things some women did to their vagina in 2017, thanks to lack of knowledge about the sensitive body part.

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Here are some strange trends that women followed to maintain their vaginal hygiene and beauty this year, which was really not required.

Here are some weirdest things that vaginas went through in 2017:

1. Soaked in herbal tea

Green tea
McKay Savage/Flickr

Thanks to the bizarre trend to detox vaginas, people have been selling herbs and tea bags known as 'Yoni tea'. The herbs need to be dipped in warm water in which women are asked to soak their vaginas or they are asked to let their vagina absorb the steam of these herbal tea. Somebody needs to tell these ladies that vagina don't need to be detoxified.

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2. Vaginal highlighter

This product helps women in highlighting their vaginas. We wonder why they really need to do that. According to the description given by the cosmetic brand, the product called Perfect V is revolutionary and it would help in keeping the skin around the vaginal region glowing, but why would anyone want her vaginal area to be shimmery and glittery? Creepy indeed.

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3. Inserting make-up sponge in the vagina

make up sponge,

We know having sex is natural and it has great health benefits, but we wonder who came up with the idea of inserting make-up sponge in the vagina during periods so they can have sex without making it bloody and messy.

Also, for those who don't know, make-up sponges are made up of polyester foam which can lead to toxic shock syndrome, a report revealed. This syndrome is described as a rare, life-threatening complication of certain bacterial infections

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4. Vaginal cleansing using cucumber


A trend to clean the vagina using cucumber peel was doing the rounds on the internet. It advised women to clean their vaginas using cucumber skin. The cucumber skin had to be peeled, inserted in the vagina and then twisted for around 20 minutes. Doing so, it was claimed, would 'cleanse' the vagina. But doing so makes you vagina prone to fungi as it would disturb the balance of bacteria in the organ. Don't forget vagina has self-cleansing ability and any such practice is NOT required.

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 5. Stopping periods by gluing the labia


Menstruation is painful, irritating and messy. A bizarre product known as Mensez 'feminine lipstick' was created by Dr Dan Dopps so that women could stick their labia minora to stop the vaginal bleeding. This glue would dissolve after coming in contact with urine. This was product received a lot of flak and the creator gave up on selling it, a report said.