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Did you know that cockroaches can be a good remedy for skin disease?

Security personnel at a Chinese airport did not know this either when they found a couple carrying 200 live cockroaches in their luggage.

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According to Chinese newspaper Beijing Youth Daily, security officials at southern Guangdong's Baiyun International Airport spotted something moving in the elderly couple's bag after it had been scanned through the X-ray machine on November 25.

A security personnel was quoted in Global Times as saying: "They were carrying a bucket, but when it passed through the X-ray something unusual showed up. One of our staff opened their luggage and a roach crawled out of it. She almost cried."

Asked about the insects, the man reportedly said the roaches were to be used as home remedy for a skin condition his wife had. But he refused to elaborate further.

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The security guard quoted the old man as saying: "They were part of an old folk remedy. You mix the roaches in some medicinal cream and put it on your skin."

Beijing Youth Daily added that the couple was forced to leave the cockroaches behind.