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It is absolutely fine for women having a healthy pregnancy to be sexually active, according to health experts, but this is not recommended for women who have a complicated pregnancy.

Many might believe that pregnant women can't have sex or orgasm, but they are wrong. It has been revealed that the orgasms pregnant women get are even more intense and pleasurable than the ones they experience when they are not pregnant.

The reason behind orgasms being more satisfying during pregnancy is that the blood flow to the genitals increases during pregnancy, making the body more sensitive. So, any stimulation experienced by the body becomes more intense, turning orgasms even more pleasurable, a Times of India report revealed.

When women experience orgasms it causes uterine contractions because of the spike in the levels of the oxytocin hormone, but don't fret, as this will not cause pre-term labor. The level of oxytocin drops to normal after a minute or so.

Sex during pregnancy will not affect the fetus as it is safeguarded in the amniotic sac, which cushions the baby from jerks and shocks. But extra precautions should be taken by partners during sex to ensure it's not too rough.

If a woman is at the risk of having preterm labor or experiencing heavy bleeding or other complications, she should avoid having sex or orgasms. Women who experienced complications in their previous pregnancy should also take precautions when they get pregnant again.

Women with complicated pregnancies must consult their doctor before they indulge in any sexual activity or even masturbating during pregnancy to make sure that the baby is not at any risk.