Hema Malini has spoken about how difficult it is for her to juggle her personal life and professional one. She revealed that she can't manage to always rush to her constituency owing to her other commitments. The Sita Aur Gita actress said that sometimes she has to remind her constituency that she has other duties too.

Hema Malini and Dharmendra
Hema Malini and Dharmendra

Hema juggling professional and personal life

In a latest interview, the Dream Girl of Bollywood said that when her daughters of out of Mumbai, then she has to look after her grandchildren. She also added that there's her dance practice as well. Hema revealed that because of things and reasons like these, she is unable to manage rushing away to Mathura every now and then.

"It requires a lot of serious time management and juggling skills. Bahot adjustment karna padta hai (Lot of adjustments have to be made). Suddenly if I am called to my constituency, I am not always able to rush there, I have to remind my constituency of my other duties," she told TOI.

"Sometimes when I can't go (to Mathura) it is because my daughters are out of Mumbai and I have to look after my grandchildren. But when I am in Mathura I am all there. Then there's my dance practice, too," she further added.

Rakhi Sawant, Hema Malini
Rakhi Sawant, Hema MaliniInstagram

Hema Malini's dig at Kangana and Rakhi

Hema Malini was recently in news for taking a dig at Kangana Ranaut reportedly wanting to contest elections from Mathura. "Good, it is good...what can I say about my opinion? My opinion is only up to God. You only want film stars in Mathura. If someone else wants to become an MP, you will not let him become because according to you only a film star should become MP from Mathura. Tomorrow, even Rakhi Sawant will become," NDTV had quoted her saying.