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A 32-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly robbing Rs 4.5 crore on a highway in Haryana, police said Wednesday. The accused has been identified as Salman, a resident of Wazirabad.

A 7.65 mm pistol with four live rounds and Rs 1.3 crore were also recovered from his possession. Salman is the nephew of gangster Khalil Ahmed, an aide of Dawood Ibrahim, police said.

The robbery took place last Sunday at around 8:30 pm in Dharuhera, Haryana. Karan Patel, who hails from Gujarat, along with Gajendra Rathore, a cashier, had taken Rs 4.5 crore from Chandni Chowk and were on their way to Ahmedabad in their car.

At around 8:30 pm, their car was intercepted by three other cars. According to them, a dozen assailants came out of cars and threatened them with a rifle and bundled them up in one of their cars. Thereafter, Karan and Gajendra were dumped near Rajasthan border.

The police identified the main suspect as Salman of Wazirabad. During interrogation, Salman disclosed that he got the information of a party from Gujarat who would be carrying a huge amount of cash from Chandni Chowk.

The gang followed the victims. They intercepted their car in Dharuhera area at around 8.30 pm. They dumped the victims near Rajasthan border and abandoned their car in Rewari, Haryana, said Ajit Singla, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime).

They distributed the money and Salman got the major part of Rs 2.5 crore as he was the leader of the gang and had provided the information about the cash.

The rest of the cash was distributed among the remaining accused persons, police said. Salman revealed that his uncle Khalil Ahmed was a notorious criminal of Jama Masjid area, said the officer.

Khalil had more than 50 criminal cases registered against him in various police stations of Delhi. On May 29, 2013, Khalil Ahmed was shot dead outside his office in the area of Lahori Gate.

Salman is educated and completed his MA (Urdu) from Delhi University. In order to earn quick money after the murder of his uncle in 2013, he formed a gang to loot cash vans carrying cash of businessmen from Delhi to other states, the officer added.