In a heinous case of sexual assault, a minor Dalit girl was allegedly gang-raped by eight boys belonging to the upper-caste in Dabra village of Haryana's Hisar district. The suspects have allegedly circulated the MMS of the rape around the village. The shattered victim's father committed suicide.

The victim was reportedly raped on Sept 9, but revealed the incident to her parents ten days later.

After the victim informed her parents about the incident her father Krishan took the extreme step on Tuesday after allegedly being threatened by the accused against calling the police, reports said.

Soon after Krishan committed suicide the family and the Dalit communities in the village began a protest and refused to cremate his body until the police took action against the rapists.

Owing to the protests the police arrested one suspect, while seven others are still at large. The girl has reportedly clarified that she can identify all of her sexual offenders.

Meanwhile, the police reportedly said that there was no rape case filed at the time of the incident.

"The girl was scared and did not report the incident to her family. The accused had threatened to kill her if she approached the police. But when the MMS clip was circulated in the entire village and the people came to know, her father decided to report the matter to the police. However, I don't know what happened. He took the extreme step the next day," CNN IBN quoted the victim's relative as saying.