The Kenyan woman was gang-raped by 10 men on Thursday. (Representational Image)Creative Commons

In yet another incident of sexual assault in Haryana, a 31-year-old Kenyan woman was gang-raped by 10 men in the Ghata village of the state on Thursday.

The victim, said in her police complaint that she had gone to attend a party on MG Road. She was trying to find a cab at 12.40 am near Bristol Hotel, which is when a car stopped near her and the men asked her if she needed any help.

The victim told them she was trying to hail a cab to Delhi's Chhatarpur and the accused men offered to drop her at her destination as they were also heading towards the capital.

However, Instead of taking her Chhatarpur, they took her to another location and sexually assaulted her along with other men.

"They looked decent, so I accepted their offer. As I sat inside the car, they started misbehaving with me. They took the car towards Golf Course Road," The Times of India quoted the victim's complaint.

"After driving for some distance, they stopped outside a house. The three dragged me inside, where two other men were already present. There all five men raped me. After a while, they called five more people who also came and raped me," the woman explained.

The victim also added that she told her perpetrators that she wanted to use the bathroom and one of the accused men took her outside the house. She managed to escape as the accused who escorted her was drunk.

She continued to run until she spotted a PCR van patrolling the area.

The police then asked her to take them to the crime scene. However, as the woman wasn't familiar with the area, it took the police some time to locate the house. The accused had fled the spot.

The police have registered a complaint under section 376D (gang rape) of the IPC and also launched a search operation to nab the accused men. So far, they have managed to arrest three people and seize the vehicle in which the woman was abducted.

"All of the accused are involved with either supplying water tankers or construction material. They raped the woman in a one-room office set-up in Ghata village. We have identified the two absconding accused and they will be arrested soon," said inspector Arvind Kumar, SHO of Sector 56 police station, reported the new outlet.

Meanwhile, a medical examination of the victim has confirmed that she was raped. The court has also recorder her statement and is probing the incident.

This incident comes just a few days after a four-year-old girl was raped and murdered in the state's Faridabad district by a man, who used to work in her father's sweet shop.

Three people have been arrested and search is on to nab the other accused men for gang-raping the Kenyan woman. (Representational Image)Reuters