Veteran Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has once again taken a dig at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan over his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. In a tweet, he called out Imran for issuing despicable threats and speaking about hatred during his speech at the UNGA last month and he even took on Pakistan actress Veena Malik on social media.

Harbhajan had tweeted, "At UNGA speech, there were indications for India of potential nuclear war. As a prominent sportsperson, Imran Khan's choice of words 'bloodbath' 'fight to the end' will only increase hatred between the two nations. As a fellow sportsperson, I expect him to promote peace."

Harbhajan takes on Veena Malik

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan SinghMatthew Lewis/Getty Images

Veena Malik quoted the tweet and put out a retort claiming that Imran Khan did speak about peace in his speech. "PM Imran Khan did talk about peace in his speech. He talked about the reality and the horror that will surly occur when the curfew is lifted and sadly there's gonna be a bloodbath. He clearly states that it's not a threat but a fear. Don't you understand English? (sic)"

Harbahajan Singh

This tirade did not end there as the Chennai Super Kings-spinner took a jibe at her English and pointed at the flaws in her spelling. "What do u mean by surly? Oh is it surely ?? chill pill next time try and read before u put something in English. (sic)"

Harbhajan Singh

In the aforementioned speech, Pakistan Prime Minister issued threats of a conventional war between the two nuclear-armed neighbours. "If a conventional war starts between the two countries, anything could happen. A country seven times smaller than its neighbour what will it do -- either surrender or fight for its freedom," he had said.

Harbhajan Singh

Ever since the speech, several Indian cricketers slammed the ex-cricketer for war-mongering and for speaking like the 'puppet of terrorists'.

Former Indian cricketer Mohammed Kaif even called him the puppet of Pakistan Army and terrorists in the country. "Yes, but your country Pakistan certainly has a lot to do with terrorism, a safe breeding ground for terrorists. What an unfortunate speech at the UN and what a fall from grace from being a great cricketer to a puppet of Pakistan army and terrorists," Kaif wrote on Twitter as a response to a news article.