Oscars 2015
Host Neil Patrick Harris at the 87th Academy AwardsReuters

Neil Patrick Harris isn't just " Legen- wait for it- dary". The star famous for his work on the television show, how I met your mother has a knack for making people laugh in whatever role he takes up.

This week as he turns 45, we look at the 7 times he redefined what awesome stands for

1. When he walked around in his underwear at the 2010 Oscars

Harris took the re-enactment of the best picture winning birdman a little too seriously when he took to the stage in just his underwear. The act was in reference to Michael Keaton's character in the movie where he is forced to walk out onto the theatre stage wearing nothing but his underwear.

2. When he made a guest appearance on glee

Neil Patrick Harris guest stars as Bryan Ryan, a former glee club member. A failed theatrical performer he diverts his attention on sabotaging the current glee club.

3. When he had his own show

Neil Patrick Harris's diverse talents brought him his own show called the best time ever that aired on NBC. The show is a live television variety series, featuring Nicole Scherzinger as a co-host. The show features Neil's famous wit along with a song and dance routine.

4. When he sang with Wolverine

Neil Patrick Harris was invited to host the 2011 Tony awards. Hugh Jackman a former host (2003, 2004, and 2005) at the joined Neil Patrick Harris for the ultimate "host off" where the two went against each other to emerge the better host. The 'duelling duet' included famous songs like "anything you can do", "Make 'em laugh", "Don't rain on my parade" among others.

Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman (L) and Neil Patrick Harris speak on stage during the 65th Annual Tony Awards at the Beacon Theatre on June 12, 2011Getty Images

5. When he surprised us with magic

Neil Patrick Harris is not just an ordinary magician, he is also the former president of the board of directors of Hollywood's magic castle, a world renowned venue for illusionists and magicians. He also walks on tightropes and loves swinging on trapezes. He credits his fascination for magic to a little magic store in New Mexico he went to as a kid.

6. When played a weird uncle

In the Netflix series "A series of unfortunate events "he plays Count Olaf, a sinister uncle to three orphaned kids who sings, dances and uses a bit of his famous magic. The series sees him in a role that is both evil and charming in equal parts.

7. When was one of the guest judges on American idol

Who wouldn't want to see Neil Patrick Harris lock horns with the formidable Simon Cowell. The guest star was not afraid to disagree with Cowell, and stepped up and defended a contestant who the judge disliked, later winning her a spot in the next round.

Here is wishing a 'Happy Birthday' to the man who established the bro code and isn't afraid to say what he wants (though maybe through a little song and dance).

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