Gone Girl sex scene
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It has been almost three years since popular movie Gone Girl released in theatres. The film drew critical acclaim and it was all because director David Fincher did a great job at staying true to the book.

The director is known to be a taskmaster, who pushes actors to perform their best in every scene. While this brings the best to the table, the retakes got a tad bit awkward for the stars involved, especially for Neil Patrick Harris. He revealed that during the filming of the sex scene, Batman actor Ben Affleck was present on the sets watching the whole scene pan out.

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Attending the Vulture Festival, the actor took the centre stage to share his experience of working with The Social Network director and spoke about the important sex scene from Gone Girl, reported by CinemaBlend.

"Rosalyn and I had to spend a whole afternoon working through a sex scene moment to moment. We had to just practice that, which is awkward and weird. For hours. We would film and practice it for hours and hours... We're just rehearsing porn for hours," the actor revealed.

Fincher gave every minute detail from making the pop sound after blowing Harris to how to thrust. But that was not the awkward part. Things took a turn when, hours after director Fincher designed the whole scene, returned to shoot the scene but not alone. He was accompanied by Affleck, who sat through the whole filming.

The actor revealed that once he and his female co-star were ready for the scene, they called Fincher to the sets. Fincher was previously shooting with Affleck for another scene. When the director decided to come and shoot for the scene, Affleck tagged along.

"David Fincher and Ben Affleck are both sitting there watching the whole thing. That was weird," he revealed.

For those of you who have watched the marvellous movie will recall this memorable scene from the Gone Girl. Harris' character was killed right after the scene.

Though it turned awkward, Harris confessed that he loved the director's style of working and they way he visions his movies. "I am a gigantic David Fincher fan. I loved his movie Game," he shared.