In the year 2012, Cobie Smulders had joined the Avengers, but much before that she was making her mark significantly as Robin Scherbatsky in the television series, How I Met Your Mother. Much like the character Ted Mosby, we fell in love with her character from the time she made her appearance on screen. Never before had we met a character who unapologetically enjoyed her independence, and never felt sorry for herself for being single? 

Cobie Smulders

It's not as if Robin was a mechanic; she was an emotional fool just like the rest of her friends. She fell in love and then out of love and then in love again with two of her best friends, Ted Moseby and Barney Stinson. She took wrong decisions in life when she chose to marry Barney over Ted, after years and years of Ted dedicating his life to pursue Robin. Nevertheless, Robin was someone we would always look up to since she knew how to deal with emotions like an adult and even in the middle of her bad times, she chose never to be dishonest in her personal life. 

Modernity at its best. 

'It's one thing not to want something, it's another thing to be told that you can't have it. 

Robin Scherbatsky had been a fierce fighter, even with herself. She has made mistakes in the past but she had been the Canadian woman who had the spirit to learn from life, move on and never repeat the same mistake ever again. Hence, when Ted Moseby came back to her life after she had reached new heights in her career, she knew what would be the right thing to do. Never let a man down who had shown true love and genuine interest in an era where most men slept with women to keep scores. 

Cobie Smulders

Sometimes in life, you have to be assertive and stand up for yourself. 

Robin hardly had any emotional support system before she met Ted, Lily, Barney and Marshall. When we met her for the first time at a bar, she was with one of her girlfriends, in the mood to hate men, since the girl was having a breakup phase in her life. 

Robin had been fiercely independent and unapologetically loved her career more than anything else in the world. She may have started her life as a hardly noticed journalist, however, she had managed to fight with all odds and become the most famous lady in the world with a poster of herself on the bus. It's a sheer shame that Ted's children knew her as the 'bus lady' instead of 'father's former girlfriend' when they first met Robin on the streets of New York. 

Cobie Smulders

Even as a former girlfriend of Ted, she cared enough to make sure, that the most romantic man she met gets his happy ending, even if it is not with her.  Even in the later stage, when she watched Ted with 'the girl with yellow umbrella', she had a sense of regret inside her for not pursuing her love for Ted earlier, but simultaneously, she had been satisfied to watch the most romantic man in her life, end up happily with another romantic girl. She only hated Stella, for the right reasons. 

Happy Birthday, Cobie Smulders!