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Every TV show has an iconic location that it becomes synonymous with as the series progresses. So while the famous Central Perk was where the six lead character of FRIENDS hung out through the 10 seasons, it was the Krusty Krab: SpongeBob SquarePants that urged everyone watching to visit the sets, if not be a part of the crew at these locations.

Well, some enthusiastic fans have gone a step ahead and brought those iconic spots to life. Many eateries, either in the form of cafes, restaurants or bars, revolving around the theme of a particular show have sprung up over time.

The list of such themed food spots is long. So we decided to pick five of the best and exclusive locations from across the world that you have to add, and then cross off, from your bucket list. Take a look:

Central Perk from Friends, located at Beijing

The popular café from the television series has been brought to life by a number of fans. But the best FRIENDS-themed Central Perk cafe is located in Beijing. It has replicated every element from the show's studio set up. Beijing's Central Perk also went a step ahead and replicated Joey and Chandler's apartment next door. And the best part? It airs FRIENDS episodes all day and all year long.

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Breaking Bad; located at London

Ever thought that Breaking Bad's iconic lab would churn out some delicious cocktails and food instead of meth? A fan in London did just that. His love for the show drove him to open a Breaking Bad-themed restaurant called ABQ London, which replicates elements from the show under its roof.

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McLaren's from How I Met Your Mother; located at New York

Find your Robin or bump into your Ted at the HIMYM-inspired McLaren's in New York. The iconic pub that saw one of many slap bets in play, watched the team grow old and put to play some of Barney's bro code is now a real deal. When you walk into the place, it makes you feel like you are at the sets of the nine-season show.

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The Pandorica from Dr Who; located at New York

Dr Who fans, this is a must visit place for you all. Located at Beacon in USA, The Pandorica has a subtle Dr Who-themed decor that reminds you of a few episodes from the TV show. The cafe serves intergalactic comfort food and also organises Dr Who quiz nights.

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Krusty Krab from SpongeBob Square Pants; located at Ramallah, Palestine

Everyone who grew up watching SpongeBob Square Pants will remember the famous Krusty Krab restaurant where SpongeBob would work. Well, the underwater restaurant has been recreated at Ramallah in Palestine now. The Krusty Krab restaurant has duplicated the decor and furniture from the show and guess what, they also serve Krusty Krab burgers.