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Friendship Day 2019 is almost upon us and like every year, we are going to celebrate this day with our close friends. On this day, we are also going to talk about certain reel life friends who have set friendship-goals for us.

1. Friends – Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing

Chandler and Joey's friendship is one of the best displays of friendship on TV till date. From Chandler always supporting Joey in his acting career to going through a major fight when Chandler fooled around with Joey's girlfriend (Kathy) to Joey supporting Chandler in his relationship with Monica - we have seen them standing beside each other from and a plethora of instances where the duo made us feel that a friendship like theirs is a must.

This Friendship Day binge-watch all the episodes of Friends together and cherish all your Joey and Chandler moments.

The Friends Tv show is currently streaming on Netflix in India.

2. How I met your Mother – Ted and Marshall

Ted and Marshall's friendship is one of a kind. From being in college together to being there for each other till the end. Ted and Marshal have not only checked all the boxes of friendship but also aced them.

Eating a sandwich -- check
Surviving College together -- check,
Going on a road trip, concerts and even birthing classes -- Check, check and CHECK!

Relive those precious moments with your best friends when you watch HIMYM this friendship day.

HIMYM is currently airing on Star World.

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your MotherFacebook/HowIMetYourMother

3. Sherlock – Sherlock and Doctor Watson

Though they are portrayed as partners who solve mysteries together we all know that their relationship is way more than that. In one of the episodes, Doctor Watson describes their relationship as "We solve crimes, I blog about it and he forgets his pants" after which both of them burst into laughter. And not to forget Sherlock's best man speech at John's wedding, truly epic. At one point they had to mention that they were not dating, wherever they go and once you need to pull something like that off, you know you've found a gem!! From the first to the very last episode they stood for each other no matter what.

Sherlock is currently airing on AXN and can also be streamed on Netflix.

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake and Charles

Jake and Charles aka Truest Bromance in the history of Television. Boyle has always wanted best for Jake and Jake has always kept Boyle out of problems. Boyle has always trusted Jake with his life and Jake has lived up to the honour. Remember "Best friends are there for you in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, and most importantly, to shave off the sick-nasty moustache that's taken up residence on your face."

Brooklyn Nine Nine spoilers
Brooklyn Nine Nine spoilers.Facebook/ Brooklyn Nine Nine

This friendship day twin with your best friend, give them a loophole high-five and binge on Brooklyn Nine-Nine together.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently streaming on Netflix and Comedy Central in India.

5. Game of Thrones - Arya and The Hound

Arya Stark and Ser Clegane aka The Hound have a bittersweet friendship. Their journey began when they took a road trip together in Game of Thrones season 4. Well not exactly a road trip, the Hound had kidnapped her and planned to sell her at the Eyrie. But they again meet in season 8 where they catch up, fight white walkers and the Hound saves Arya from the wights in The Great Hall. The bond that they shared is beyond expression. So this Friendship Day, plan a road trip with your best friend and make memories that you can cherish forever.

Game of Thrones is currently streaming on Star World in India.