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Game of Thrones season 8 is marching towards its end and fans are disappointed to see the fate of several characters and their respective story arc. A petition is calling on HBO to reshoot a whole new season.

As earlier reported, an online petition has been started by disappointed Game of Thrones fans who are urging HBO to redo season 8 because of the poor writing. Earlier this week, that petition had only 13,000 signatories but in just 24hrs, the number of signatures has crossed more than 600,000.

The ongoing HBO series, which is based on George RR Martins' acclaimed books, has faced severe criticism online because of its poor writing. Fans have even stated that they expected something more from a series like Game of Thrones but in the end, they were left disappointed because of the poor execution of such highly anticipated story.

As earlier stated, after seeing the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones season 8, disappointed fans have demanded HBO to have a complete do-over with some "competent writers."

At the time of writing this, the online petition has more than 610,000 signatures from all over the world and it requires only a million. Given the ongoing speed, there are chances that it will reach 1 million signatures by the end of this week.

Disappointed fans who signed the ongoing petition left several comments about the final series and even stated that everything "seems rushed," "totally disrespected the author," and even stated that the makers have completely thrown away last eight years of character development into the drain.

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"The story fell apart, the characters became caricatures of themselves--and some worse, unrecognizable--and the world lost the cohesiveness and believe-ability it had maintained previously. Do not mistake this petition as fans who 'don't like the dark turn it took,' since I think this fanbase can handle really dark things. I'd argue that we no longer recognize the narrative and characters we once knew," wrote one fan.

While talking about Daenerys Targaryen's story arc, another fan wrote, "What they did to Daenerys was a total travesty and a cliche, sending the message that a woman in power will be overcome by her emotions and cannot be trusted. Such a disappointment."