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Ever since news broke out that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved by NBC and that they will make a comeback with another season, fans all over the world have been anxiously waiting. Their wait was finally rewarded early this year, when the show premiered its latest episode on January 10.

But, after reading Chelsea Peretti's tweet on October 3, 2018, where she declared that she will not be staying for the entire scene of B99, fans were left heartbroken again. But cast member, Joel McKinnon Miller show of support to her for the next steps in her career in a typical Scully manner, warmed fan's heart but, we'll still miss her!

Joel McKinnon Miller
Joel McKinnon Miller heartfelt tweet to Chelsea PerettiTweeter

So, recently, the B99 head, Dan Goor told Vanity Fair that Gina Linetti's exit will be "funny."

Divulging more information about the exit, Goor explained how Chelsea stressed that the exit should be more funny than emotional. He said, "Chelsea is one of the funniest human beings in the world and really values comedy, and so that's what we've really tried to do."

However, Goor did assure us that her exit will be "heartfelt."

"She is... a beloved character on the show and so there are certainly heartfelt moments. We also really wanted to [do] justice to the character," he added. He also revealed that season 6 will have 'four Gina stories" across two episodes.

"Each act is a different Gina story and she's so good in that episode. She's just so funny and such a good actress, it's really a joy to watch," Goor said.

But thankfully, both Goor and the co-creator assured us that she will never leave the precinct permanently, for she will always be a part of the family. As was put by him, "for a fact this isn't the last we'll see of Gina Linetti."