Everyone has the memory of singing the Alphabet which starts as "A for Apple, B for Ball". However, a grandfather from Uttar Pradesh had a slightly different take on teaching the Alphabet to his grandchildren.

In a YouTube video which has now gone viral, an old man is seen teaching his two minor grandchildren 'A for alcohol and B for beedi'. To make matters worse, he also made the children drink alcohol and smoke beedis.

The incident took place in the Bahadarpur area of Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh. 

The man had an audience – including the person filming the incident and another man sitting on the bed. The grandfather gave the two children plastic cups and poured beer in them. The man who was filming the incident told the children that they were drinking juice and had to finish the entire glass, reported IANS.

The grandfather then lit a beedi, took a puff and passed it on to one child. He taught the child to hold the beedi with just one hand. The child took a puff and passed it to the other child as directed by the grandfather. The trio passed the beedi around and the grandfather told them to exhale the smoke.

After this, the children, who were in an intoxicated state, can be seen extending their hands for a snack, which their grandfather gives to them. He made them hold the bottle in one hand, the alcohol glass in the other and placed the snack in the middle.

The Aligarh police said that they have launched a probe in the matter and will register a case against the grandfather after the preliminary investigation is concluded.