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Chocolate has always been an answer to many people's problems and an innovative agricultural scientist in Bihar's Krishi Vigyan Kendra has developed some chocolate specifically for baby goats.

The chocolate bars are called 'Memney ka chocolate' and are packed with protein, other nutrients and also jaggery to add flavour to the snack, reports The New Indian Express.

The chocolate is designed for baby goats who do not receive enough milk from their mothers within the first 15 days of their birth. It is first given to the baby goat in the powder form to ensure that the goat learns to lick. This goes on for one week and then it is switched to solid food. The chocolate will boost the baby goat's weight by 40 – 50 gms every day.

"It took me two years to research and develop it with locally available products like millet, jaggery and other edible items. I am in the process of patenting this chocolate," Dharmendra Kumar, the scientist who developed the chocolate was quoted as saying by TNIE.

The chocolate has become very popular among goat owners and each bar costs Rs 60. It is available at the Banka-based Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Bihar.

Dharmendra proudly said that there is no other innovation in the world like this and no one else has developed anything like a bar of goat chocolate.

"By now, more than 16 quintals of chocolate have been sold and sent to Assam and Jharkhand," Dharmendra added.