In a interestingly vibrant and exquisite doodle that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Earth day, Google brings the lithe honeybees that merrily buzzes around the flowers and plants.

Move your mouse pointer along the garden, and you can help the bees to pollinate the flowers!

google doodle on earth day 2020
google doodle on earth day 2020

Earth day 2020

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to spread the need of protecting earth from human atrocities.

The day was first celebrated in 1970 and now includes events coordinated by the Earth Day Network that jointly brings in more than 193 countries.

To mark the day's event, Google has partnered with The Honeybee Conservancy a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting bees. The doodle shows a joyful and agile tiny honeybee, coloured yellow and black flying merrily over the colourful flowers, trees and plants.

The bees that move from one flower to the other does its most important business of pollinating the flowers.

The doodle art that gives a game time, has been created by Doodlers Jacob Howcroft & Stephanie Gu. "The player can keep pollinating forever...Since the game goes on as long as you want it to, you can end seeing thousands of flowers, trees, and bushes," say the creators.

bees helping in pollination
bees helping in pollination

Need for conserving the honeybees

Through the doodle, Google underlines the high necessity in protecting the bees' species. Honey bees play the pivotal role in pollinating a major proportion of the flowering and agricultural crop plants.

They pollinate and help produce nearly 30% of the food we eat. Most of the researches have proved that the extinction of these creatures will soon lead to the extinction of mankind too.

Studies prove that about a quarter of the 4,000 bee species native to North America are at risk of extinction.

The Conservancy was founded in 2009 by Guillermo Fernandez to help save bees that are now vulnerable and highly prone to the grave climatic changes. The conservancy also aimed at helping the underserved communities in producing healthy food and build green spaces.

google doodle on earth day 2020
google doodle on earth day 2020

The doodle aims at spreading awareness on the necessity of preserving these flying heroes and check out the possible ways how you can help them grow at your homes.