A day for the ailing planet, the Earth day is observed every year on Aril 22. The day is observed across the globe, reiterates on the need for immediate action to protect Earth from its suffering.

With the global temperature increasing per day, concomitantly by other unprecedented events, including the novel coronavirus pandemic, Earth has been showing her signs of retaliation.

Earth day 2020
Earth day 2020

50th year of Earth day

This year's Earth day marks the 50th year of its observance since 1970. The theme for Earth day 2020 is 'climate change.'

Despite the world organisations on nature and climate pleading for a joint venture by the nations to curb all sorts of deteriorating actions against the planet, man continues to 'choke' the nature with the direct discharge of high levels of pollutants.

On April 22, 1970, nearly 20 million Americans —took to the streets, college campuses and cities, protesting on the persistent environmental ignorance and demanded a new way forward for the planet. History later recognised it as the planet's largest civic event.

Earth day 2020 theme: climate change
Earth day 2020 theme: climate change

Activities for this year's Earth Day:

Locked up in your homes and wondering on how to celebrate the day with our Mother Earth? There are quite a lot of things that can be done throughout the day while being at your home.

Take a look at these ten simple things you can do every day as a token of love for the Earth:

  • Reuse, reduce and recycle (the 3R's)
  • Educate the people on the need of the 3R's as a habit
  • Volunteer for the services that engage in cleaning your premises, spreading awareness etc.
  • Preserve and conserve water; take shorter baths, practice rainwater harvesting
  • Minimise the use of electricity
  • Use cloth instead of tissues, wherever possible
  • Shop wisely avoiding plastic carrier bags
  • Segregate the domestic wastes as degradable and non-degradable in separate boxes
  • Learn to make paper bags; teach others too
  • Walk for shorter distances and opt for public transport (carpooling) for longer daily travel.
plant a tree on this Earth day
plant a tree on this Earth day

Celebrate Earth day at your home:

Check out these ten interesting ways how you could contribute to the day:

  • How much do you know about your planet? Engage in simple demonstrating videos and quiz that equally entertains the kids and the elders at home.
  • Check out the website of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York for the interesting 'EarthFest from Home.'
  • Keep a check on other such organisations including NASA which have created online activities relating to Earth and the day's importance.
  • NASA's 50th Anniversary Toolkit and #EarthDayAtHome includes an online quiz, videos, posters and other resources created specifically for Earth Day 2020.
  • Be a part of the special Earth Day edition of "NASA Science Live" on Wednesday at 3 p.m. EDT (1900 GMT) where the agency Chief Jim Bridenstine, will talk on how NASA tech is helping scientists to learn deeper on the planet.
  • For the kids out there, time to take a break from the online workshops. Grab that shovel and run into your backyard. Plant flowers, vegetables, and why not even a tree and give your love to the Mother Earth.
  • Take a walk around and see what the light sunbeams and agile morning (if not evening) breeze has for you!
  • Look around the garbage in your home. Try sorting it out as recyclable, non-recyclable and find a good composite for the further use of the biodegradables.
  • Use this bio fertiliser for your saplings and there you go with a complete eco-friendly garden!
  • Finally, wait for the dusk to knock on your window panes, for its time to watch the starry sky! How many more constellations can you draw up there?