Instagram is going to bring a new feature that will change the way you share your memories on the site forever. The popular photo and video sharing platform will soon add the ability to share multiple photos in a single post, much like its parent company Facebook.

We've seen Facebook integrate some of Instagram features into its site, but this change will be huge for Instagram users who are more spontaneous with sharing moments captured in a single image or a video. That changes soon!

Be prepared to see more than one image (not in the form of collages) start popping up on your feeds. Single image sharing is a unique feature in the world of social media sites that let you share albums in a single go. Taking that away can hurt some users, and of course the site's true essence.

It is too soon to tell if the impending change will impact the site's user base in any way, but ever since Facebook took over the site and made a series of changes to it, Instagram's growth has seen an upward trend.

However, the album sharing feature is still in beta and may or may not see the light of the day. But it sounds too important not to materialise. 

Once the feature is ready, it will allow users to select up to 10 photos from the gallery and share them at once. If you want to check out a particular album, simply swipe right on the first photo.

You are, of course, still in control of not using the feature by shooting images directly from the Instagram camera and sharing them instantly. But you cannot stop the world from doing the same.

Instagram's new feature will arrive in the OTA software update form. Once rolled out, you can update the app from Play Store or App Store, depending on what OS you are using. As of now, the feature isn't added to the app, but that can change any time soon.

Source: Droid-Life