Snapchat valuation reaches $20 billion with new round of funding: Report
Snapchat valuation reaches $20 billion with new round of funding: ReportReuters

According to latest reports, social media giant Facebook is striking back at Snapchat by adding selfie filters. Snapchat popularised selfie filters that would use a touch of augmented reality to add interesting effects to user's face via the smartphone's front camera.

According to AFP, the filters were developed by MSQRD (read Masquerade), which Facebook acquired in March. During the time of the acquisition, TechInsider reported that Facebook would be keeping the MSQRD app alive on Apple AppStore and would also integrate the app's features into the Facebook mobile app.

According to a report by the Verge, the filters will be integrated into the Facebook Live live streaming functionality of the app and give access to filters like face swap, celebrity facial overlays and more, which users can use in real time.

Facebook is on an aggressive campaign to get users create more content. Last year Facebook launched Instant Articles that allows external pages to load within the Facebook app significantly faster. Facebook subsequently opened the service up to more publishers. While initially the pages powered by Instant Articles didn't have much to do with ad revenue, Facebook, after a policy change in April, now allows publishers to push branded content through Instant Articles.

In a similar vein, Snapchat also attracted publishers and media houses with its Discover channels.

In fact, Facebook and Snapchat have been involved in a dogfight to outdo each other. When Facebook launched Sports Stadium, Snapchat followed it up with live scores and now Facebook is adding silly filters to its app, all in an effort to get users to participate more.