New Instagram update brings Snapchat-like features and more; all you need to know
New Instagram update brings Snapchat-like features and more; all you need to knowInstagram Official Blog

Popular sharing app Instagram has now received an important update that lets you bookmark posts so that you can view these at leisure. With this functionality, Instagram now joins the elite league of social channels (headed by Google Chrome) that let users bookmark posts for later viewing.

The latest update to Instagram, apart from bookmarking, also lets you save posts that you like. Such posts are stored under the new 'Saved' tab.

To bookmark favourite posts, you can simply click the 'bookmark' icon that will now be visible beneath under each post. After clicking the icon, you will be able to save your favourite posts straight to a new bookmarks tab.

The latest changes, to Instagram, are visible within the newest version 10.2 that is now seeding to users of Apple iPhones and Google Android devices. These modifications are also slated to be made available to Microsoft's Windows 10 platforms as well.

The new additions to Instagram are important especially for those constantly on the move. The features also seem to be a boon for the business class who prefer to first quickly scan content and then read these in detail. The latest modifications to the app are now live and you can check these out.

In related news concerning social networking, Facebook recently introduced a new section on its Safety Centre platform called Parent's Portal that lets parents of children connect with other parents to discuss, explore and seek advice with respect to preventing their children from falling prey to cyber-bullying.

The parent's portal comprises a set of guidelines on how Facebook exactly works. The guidelines include certain tips for talking to their children about online safety and how to go about it. Reports state that through the parents portal, all the guardians can also connect with safety experts from around the world and seek advice on how to make Internet a safer space for their children.