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Make way for a new lit hair trend called Glitterage. You must be familiar with shimmery eyelids and lips but 2018 has brought in a lit trend which will leave your locks glittery too.

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Hairstylist Danielle Wade of Asteria Salon invented this new trend and she coined the word 'Glitterage' by combining glitter and balayage – it refers to a hair highlighting technique that was created by French colorists back in the 1970s, which is done using freehand instead of using foils or caps.

The hair looks very shiny and mesmerising, the technique to glitterage was first posted on Instagram account of Danielle Wade Hair.

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The technique involves brushing the hair with glitter, no foils were used while doing so. She used Colortrak tools, Pravana colours and Major Moonshine glittery gels to beautifully glitterage the hair, a report by Metro revealed.

Unlike permanent hair colouring, glitterage is temporary. The glitter on the hair can be washed off easily, but it is likely to leave behind some of the glitter on the person who got it done.

Once the festive season is around, this new hair trend is likely to add more glitter and glam.

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Unlike the mesmerising trend glitterage, a bizarre beauty trend is becoming popular among men known as penis whitening.  Lelux Hospital in Bangkok carries out this treatment and the clinic has become quite a hotspot for men in the age group of 20 to 55 years.

In men, the colour of the penis is naturally darker than the rest of the body. Those men who opt for this treatment are warned against the side-effects the laser treatment would have on their penis but they still go for it.

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This treatment became more popular after the story of about a man's penis whitening treatment was aired on Thai TV.