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Director B Jeevan Reddy's Telugu movie George Reddy, featuring Sandeep Madhav in the title role, has received mixed reviews and ratings from the audience, who say that it could have become a cult film if it had a proper screenplay.

George Reddy is a biographical movie based on the life of a student leader. B Jeevan Reddy has written the script and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Appi Reddy, Sanjay Reddy, Damu Reddy, Sudhakar Reddy and Yakkanti under the banners Mic Movies, Three Line Cinemas and Silly Monks Studios. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.33 hours.

George Reddy's story: George Reddy was a research student in physics at Osmania University, in Hyderabad. He was a boxer and gold medallist. He was remembered for his promotion of Marxist ideas and his opposition to social discrimination and inequality. He was murdered by the opposition on 14 April 1972, in a student hostel, aged 25. The movie showcases important milestones of his life.

Analysis: B Jeevan Reddy has an interesting subject, which can make George Reddy a cult in Tollywood. But he failed to create a proper screenplay, as he seems to have been stuck between a biopic and commercial movie. The first half is good with some highs and two superbly designed fights. Some inspiring speeches win your heart. The second half is a bit dragging, says the audience.

George Reddy
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Performances: Actor Sandeep Madhav of Vangaveeti has delivered an electrifying performance and his action and dialogue delivery are the highlights of George Reddy. Satyadev Kancharana, Devika Daftardar, Muskaan Khubchandani, Pawon Ramesh, Manoj Nandam, Thiruveer, Abhay Bethiganti and Bunny Abiran have done justice to their roles, say the viewers.

Technical: George Reddy has good production values and vintage visuals, music, action and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front. But strong dialogues and a better screenplay would have made this film a better watch, added the audience.

George Reddy movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response to the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience's verdict.

Hemanth Kumar C R @crhemanth

Here's my review of #GeorgeReddy : The film wants us to discover the man behind the legend, but mid-way it loses its way and doesn't quite get a grip of what to explore. A film that deserved to be more compelling...sigh!

RJ Shiv @rjshiv007

#GeorgeReddyReview Good 1st Half, ok 2nd half makes #GeorgeReddy a decent watch #SandeepMadhav nailed it as #George #Muskan is cute BGM is amazing. Humour also maintained well, A better elevation of #GeorgeReddy's Motive would've helped the film.

Thyview @Thyview

#GeorgeReddy An okish attempt from the makers, there is no proper narrative..Akkadakka few scenes worked. @SandeepMadhav_ is good and the BGM. Biggest let down cinema choose mundu George Reddy gurinchi entha thelso(which is very little) , cinema choosaka kooda anthe thelsu

R a J i V @RajivAluri

#GeorgeReddy Started well with a strong intensity and went well till the interval with good writing. Second half is a dead drop and totally a missed chance to build the character and climax became emotionless. BGM is top notch. #Sandeep did good. Well tried but rates as average

Cinema Fan @CinemaFan14

#GeorgeReddy - Great Man but as a movie it is a one time watch. Repetitiveness, unorganized and ineffective narration at times made falls short of my expectations.. Definitely deserves a much greater tribute to the leader. Dialogues, Few Roles & Scenes, Music are takeaways.


#GeorgeReddy occasional highs tho first half vellipoindi. Few scenes aithey rachal especially BGM soul movie ki, oka vintage feel teesukostadi and scene ni elevate cheyadam lo !! Canteen fight , lallan fight #GeorgeReddy 2nd half was slightly dragged, kani police station scene, rain fight , good climax valla and 1st half ichina high ki easy ga chuseyachu. Sandeep madhav was terrific, BGM maatram damn good, really loved the score. May get mixed feelings but it will work.

Mahanati @Mahanatiii

Gooooooooosebumps first half Sandeep madhav lived in #GeorgeReddy s character Director Jeevan handled superbly well.

Bharath @Bharath81837972

#Georgereddy Wonder why @PawanKalyan Haven't done this masterpiece ,A Package of rebellion thoughts with electrifying Cinematography & Bgm ❗️

Aakashavaani @TheAakashavaani

#GeorgeReddy : Good first half and average second half. Can watch the film one time for the action sequences, music, visuals and performance by lead actors. Good but could've been better. #GeorgeReddy First Half has Two superbly designed fights, very inspiring speech before interval, terrific back ground score, impressive art work and good performance by @SandeepMadhav_ So far, Good.


Ok first half#GeorgeReddy #GeorgeReddy below avg-average looks like director stuck between biopic and commercial movie without proper screenplay edo undi ante undi emotional connect last lo geroge ni podavadaniki vastunte lallan (who killed george) ani arustunaru theatre lo badha padakunda ‍♂️ In short #GeorgeReddy Disappointing Plus is visuals Minus is lack of clarity how to frame the story and screenplay Jarigindhi Chupinchakunda Dabbalu kottadam mathrame chupiste results itlane untai Oka #GeorgeReddy Oka #NtrBiopic for example issue is clearly between George and RSS dir failed completely in showing the actual issue George is a genius adi odlesi godavalu baga petkuntadu blades tho kostadu idha nuv chupettedi malla dantlo kuda clarity ledu ‍♂️ #GeorgeReddy

First Day Reviews @Sai_Aditya1998

Realistically handled biopic ... This movie has some enchanting visuals and epic action sequences ... A great watch this weekend !! #GeorgeReddyOnNov22nd #GeorgeReddy #georgereddy

TELUGU CINEMA ADDA @serialsdetails

#GeorgeReddy #GeorgeReddyOnNov22nd An average flick with strong soul and weak screenplay.. missed intensity.. strong dialogues and a better screenplay would have made film a better one.. A passable flick for this weekend 2.75/5 Ok first half.. Lag second half

Nitin Chakravarthy @Nitinreddy1111

#GeorgeReddy had so much scope to become a CULT film but Poor writing & Lethargic execution have never allowed it to become one. This is not a fitting tribute to a Real Hero. Someone like @imvangasandeep could've done justice to this real life heroic saga. Disappointed !

Nekkanti @UrsNekkanti

#GeorgeReddy Had its Moments, in fact, some very good moments but lacks the soul. Director did not do justice to the so-called ideology of GR and only focused on creating heroic moments.

varun reddy @varunreddyram

#GeorgeReddy @SandeepMadhav_ Terrific Acting First half BGM Next Level Solid Story university based Scenes And Police Station Scenes Blade Fight Dragged Second half . GOOD one From @G1Dalam #GeorgeReddyreview

Telugubit @telugubit

Done with First Half With the cinematic liberation, the movie moves around the University, Gang wars, student unions... As of now, done with an inspirational interesting stuff by #GeorgeReddy Speech Splendid BGM Score #GeorgeReddyOnNov22nd #GeorgeReddy Review It creates an enthusiasm, Outright a worthy stuff with an inspirational aspects ➕ Ve Emotional touch Superb BGM Noteworthy performance by @SandeepMadhav_ Friends roles tip-top Fights ➖ Ve Lagging 2nd half 3/5

Media6 @Media6Telugu

#GeorgeReddy Review What A Movie It Is..Story Of A Forgotten Leader Was Shown Very Transparently WithOut Any Controversy Plus:SandeepMadhav, Abhay Direction, Screenplay, BGM, 1st Half Football and 2nd Half Rain Fight Rating: 4/5 @AbhishekPicture @SillyMonksStd @anilpallala

Kv Harish @KvHarish8

Just now I watched #GeorgeReddy, @G1Dalam garu excellent screenplay, directed and written, @SandeepMadhav_ (George reddy) garu lived in his charecter. Congratulations to all @sureshvarmaz garu, @ShatruActor garu, @ActorSatyaDev garu

Raviteja naidooooo!!! @Ravispeaks39

Excellent 1st half #Georgereddy Sri ramana Chala rojula tharvatha whistles tho marumogipoyindhi... University students tho packed fireball scene aythey keka.. OU gurinchi telisi undali ardham avvali antey.. Twitter talk ki asal sambandham ledhu.. Kummipadesindhi