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The trailer of director Jeevan Reddy's George Reddy, featuring Sandeep Madhav in the title role, has garnered positive review from the celebs, critics and viewers, who say they cannot wait to watch the film.

The movie is a biopic based on the life of George Reddy, who was a high voltage student leader at Osmania University during the 1970's. The movie has been produced by Appi Reddy, Sanjay Reddy, Damu Reddy and Sudhakar Yakkanti under the banners - Mic Movies, Silly Monks Studios and Three Line Cinemas. The makers released its much-awaited trailer on the occasions of Dussehra.

The trailer opens with George Reddy's iconic speech, "Our society has become rotten. And this rottenness has spread into every facet of our lives including into our universities. Today, we have no other course left to us open now. We have raised our voices in protest. Our protest has remained unheard. We have marched in processions. Our processions have been broken up by police. We have erupted in violence. And our violence has been met with a greater violence. Today, what is left to us but to organise ourselves and meet violence with violence?"

The trailer of George Reddy offers a glimpse of the outline of the movie and makes it clear on what the audience can expect from the film. It shows that Sandeep Madhav's performance, Jeevan's script and dialogues, Sudhakar Yakkanti's picturisation, Harshavardhan Rameshwar's background score, Gandhi Nadikudikar's Art direction, RK and K Ganesh's fights are going to be highlights of the movie.

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The trailer of George Reddy was an instant hit with many celebs, critics and viewers circulating its link on social media and make it trend on the internet. Despite having no hype, the video has gone on to register 595,669 views, 24,000 likes and 1,733 comments on YouTube channel of Silly Monks Studios in 24 hours.

Check out what celebs, critics and viewers say about the trailer of Jeevan's film George Reddy:

Ram Gopal Varma: Rebel icon real story. GEORGE REDDY trailer starring @Sandeepmadhav in title role..The portrayal of director @G1dalam is very authentic and photographed very poignantly by national award winner #SudhakarYakkanti of SAIRAT and NAAL fame

Surender Reddy: Loved #GeorgeReddy trailer. Looking forward to watch the film. Best wishes to the entire team.

Sundeep Kishan: This looks brilliant..wishing the entire team all the very best ... #GeorgeReddy

Critic Idlebrain Jeevi: #GeorgeReddy trailer is intense and powerful. Loved retro style background music by Bobbili Suresh. It's based on a real character and real incidents. Fine casting. Looking forward for the film! #GeorgeReddyTrailer

Critic Hemanth Kumar CR: #GeorgeReddy trailer is damn cool...I have only read bits and pieces of stories and legends about the OU student leader ...hope the film does justice to his legacy. Good luck to the team

Critic Pranita Jonnalagedda: One film I am super excited to watch... #GeorgeReddy... A man who was spoken about with great respect by my professors in college who had studied with him... Also... Feels so awesome to see my university!!!

SATHYA REDDY @sathyareddy_gr

i don't know about you before you @G1Dalam anna but you gonna known by everyone after it's get released every shot was nice and that background score was awesome @SandeepMadhav_ i know u frm #vangaveeti but again you rocked it. #GeorgeReddy ---> #BlockbusterGeorgeReddy

Raj kumar @kraj6512

#GeorgeReddy #GeorgeReddyTrailer Every Actor Seems Superb. Wishing the Best to Director, Cast & Crew. Looking Forward to Watch the Movie.

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac

#GeorgeReddy Trailer - solid stuff Abt campus politics and a youth movement.. Looks very energetic..

Aravind ✍️ @pierce4thought

A man with an ardent ideology is so much powerful than a system, because ideology never dies.Heard a lot about #GeorgeReddy from my father. Hope his biopic lives upto the stature this man possesses. "Learn to die if you wish to live, learn to fight at every step" -GeorgeReddy

Chiranjiv Santhosh M @kingchiru15

Our #Tollywood is more into content oriented or based films now. Looks like #GeorgeReddyTrailer comes into that category. Hope it clicks. Trailer is fine #GeorgeReddy !!

Anil Kumar @anilkumarn511

Been waiting to know his story on screen. The man whom we call Che guevera of Andhra pradesh...Excited Trailer #GeorgeReddyTrailer #GeorgeReddy

GEORGE REDDY @RejectedPiece_

The Movie is All About Campus Politics.. Waiting From So Long Time.. Completely Loved The Trailer #GeorgeReddy - A Biopic On OU Student Leader.. JEENA HAI TOH MARNA SEEKHO #GeorgeReddyTrailer: