The story of Sandeep Madhav, the hardworking and passionate actor who garnered the attention of the audiences and celebrities with his upcoming film George Reddy, slated for release on November 22. The film is directed by Jeevan Reddy of Dalam fame. What makes him the most desirable actor and what makes him the personality that he is. Find out in this exclusive interview. 

Sandeep Madhav
Sandeep MadhavPR Handout

Your debut film Vangaveeti was with RGV. And after three years, now George Reddy. What happened in the meanwhile?

I did not have any projects in my kitty. So what do I do other than just waiting for the right one? Playing a lead role in a film which is directed by RGV was like 'wow' to me. After being Vangaveeti on screen, I wanted to do some role which is much more exciting and challenging, unlike any other random role. So when George Reddy came on my way, felt it was the perfect one.

Sandeep Madhav
Still from George Reddy .PR Handout

Can you tell us a little about your background? Where are you from and your educational background, and experiences in film industry?

I am from Kakinada. I grew up there till my teenage and later we moved to Hyderabad from the higher school. I discontinued my graduate studies as I was interested in being part of films. After stepping into the film industry, it took me seven long years to bag Vangaveeti. I thought working with the RGV is the ultimate thing to happen to me. But then, having nothing in hand after that made me think a lot about what is happening with me. Also, I was part of many stage shows and theatre groups before bagging Vangaveeti.

How come you managed to do those fireball stunts and blade acts by your own? Were you used to them already?

Yes. Since my childhood, I had this habit of keeping an alpin pins under the tongue without anyone even noticing it. Slowly I did the same with the blade too. I learned to do various acts with the blade. Also, I was fascinated with fire. So I learned stunts with a fireball and it became a part of my life. So I can proudly say that I don't need a dupe to do stunts. I can do them on my own, just like I did for George Reddy.

Sandeep Madhav
Still from George Reddy.PR Handout

 Was it tough being George Reddy on screen?

No. Because this film is not something that happened suddenly out of blue. Jeevan and I are friends for a long time. So since the day he decided to make a film about the student leader, we were together. We worked together. When he told me that I will the George Reddy on screen, I was excited. So we have prepared everything together. Because we were ready for a long time, it was not at all tough.