A comment on Vijay Sethupathi's speech at the audio launch function of Master by actress-choreographer Gayathri Raghuramm did not go well with the fans. She was severely criticised for slamming his views targeted at religions fanatics.

Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathri Raghuramm
Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathri Raghuramm.PR Handout

What did he say?
According to Vijay Sethupathi, people, who are fighting in the name of god are more dangerous than Coronavirus. The versatile actor said that there are people who claim to be the guardians of the god and requested people to stay away from them. "When a human being is in trouble, only another human being will come to help, not any force from above. At a time, when even family members are hesitating to touch their kith and kin, I thank all the doctors and medical staff all over who are touching and treating patients. Spread humanity," he claimed.

Gayathri took objection to it stating that imposing atheistic beliefs on god-belivers was wrong. "colours given for god according to religion is by human n colour given to no god believers is also by human. believing god is not bad nanba we will have ethics in life. There is no humanity when u ask them to stop believing what they believe/changing their beliefs. LiveNletlive. [sic]"

However, the fans were not satisfied and she was abused non-stop by the fans. The ex-Bigg Boss Tamil contestant repeatedly posted her views to express her stand and check out all the tweets of her on the issue below:

Master film wrap-up
@Jagadishbliss on Twitter

First please understand I'm not fighting my friend vijaysethupathy.. it's very clear in my message I called him nanba. Secondly the people who fight in the name of god That is Hindus/Muslims/Christians (for the their right) they are not bad people, they r staunch believers.

Moreover all religious fights happen only by political atheist group by provoking us. This is the ugly truth. That's biggest crime. I wish u asked us not to believe atheist groups. They use religious sentiments for their advantage and provoke us. Dangerous people (virus)

I wished he spoke only about humanity without involving god or insulting any religion. Like I said humanity today is long gone. Only find humanity in little kids and parents and our pets have better humanity. I rather believe in our own hard work and faith in ourselves and god.

I'm talking about second virus he spoke about That is god believers (all religion). I'm not against his speech It's my view. You cannot destroy religion or god believers. Asking to stop believing what they believe is like imposing the idea of atheism ie intruding in ones beliefs.

I would have been happy if just spoke about humanity in general. He is a mass hero and he is my fav hero. I was disappointed him targeting the god believers which was uncalled for.

How will a retweeted comment will be copyrighted. How can they lock my account and not others? I did not post any video directly. Sun tv network ? We all know you have all power and money. Don't show on such silly things.

Democracy is just dead for god believers and alive for atheist gundas. Trying to lock my account.
@VijaySethuOffl this is humanity. Humanity is long gone. We r in kalikalam. This is great example what they r doing to us. Grinning facejust wanted to show u the sample. Pls look at otherside.

U should look at my post and comments below very very good comments. It's shows how they respect women and women in family. Humanity

i did not condemn it. He is free to talk anything it's his democracy. I don't agree with his view. my freedom. Not everyone will stop believing god or stop believing god believers just bcos vijaysethupathy said it. atheist will like his speech according to them that's secularism.