Master's audio launch was a mega event meant to showcase Thalapathy Vijay's upcoming film. While it was about the music, it was also about Vijay himself. The actor delivered a speech to end the event and it was everything and more.

Thalapathy Vijay is known as someone who speaks well, with the amount of love and respect he receives. The actor graced the Master's audio launch with a speech that truly summed up the show.

Vijay at Master Audio Launch
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Thalapathy Vijay takes over the stage and hearts with his speech

Master's audio launch has been a dicey one, with a lot of questions regarding whether or not it would take place following the Coronavirus outbreak. The show must go on and it did. With a lot of celebration, the Master cast and crew took over the stage with a power-packed show. 

Of course, they saved the best for the last when Vijay finally came on stage. The actor had been silent throughout the show as many went on stage to praise the actor. When he came on stage, he danced a few steps with composer Anirudh Ravichander and Shantanu Bhagyaraj before commencing with his speech.

He started by asking about Simran who had previously come on stage and paid the actor a compliment, "First of all, where is Simranji? You came all the way to dance for our show. It was not necessary, but I was very touched." He also addressed all the conversation on the Coronavirus and the impact it had on the launch, "You might feel bad that you were not able to attend the audio function. I feel worse. We did that to avoid the issues we faced during Bigil audio launch. And, there were health issues also. I am sorry and thank you."

The bromance between Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi continued, "I was wondering why Vijay Sethupathi accepted this movie. I wanted to ask him too. He has his own big business and audience. One day, I asked him and he said, 'I really like you, sir'. That's when I realised that he has a place for me in his heart." 

Vijay discusses those who were a part of the film

The Tamil superstar acknowledged all the hard work of the cast and crew in his speech and spoke about Anirudh Ravichander, "Anirudh Ravichander is the star of this event. Every song has a kutti story, but to make the Kutti Story song was great. Along with Arunraja Kamaraj, he has done a wonderful job." He also returned a compliment to Shantanu, "Shantanu bro, you are always in my prayers. I love you too."

Speaking about Master's director Lokesh Kanagaraj, Vijay had a lot to say giving us a close glimpse of what it must have been like on set, "Maanagaram and Kaithi were big hits and now Master, I don't know how it will go. I am waiting along with you. He used to work in a bank and then he made Maanagaram. It was his first film, and the script was so complicated. He directed it with so much clarity. I have to tell you this about him. Nobody has scene paper in their hands. He just told me, 'You will meet him, and talk to him like this.' I almost became very angry and tensed. I insisted that he have scene paper at all times."

He continued till he realised he was getting sentimental, "I had such a comfort zone with the entire team of Master. It is like the lyric in Kutty Story. Lokesh is an example of doing hard work and smart work together. Romba over ah poitena?(Did I overdo it?)" 

Vijay reveals a Kutti story

Vijay spoke about the song he lent his voice to, "Finally, one kutti story. I can't say it is a story but hear me out. There is a line from one of my songs "Ellam pugazhum oruvan oruvanke, nee nadhi pola odi kondu iru". We should be like a river. We meet different kinds of people on the way who throw flowers on the way, but the river keeps going on. At the same time, we also meet people who don't like us and throw rocks at us, but the river just keeps flowing anyway. Just like that, we should also keep going like the river." 

Coming towards the end of his speech he gave the audience some food for thought, "Kill them with your success, bury them with your smile. During the times I have to be truthful, I am forced to be quiet. I will see you later." 

He also took a light-hearted dig at Ajith, his competitor, "I dress very casually, usually. My costumer Pallavi wanted me to dress stylishly this time. I thought why not dress like my friend Ajith this time." He couldn't help but show love to his fans, "You all are vere (another) level." Vijay finally addressed the raid, "I will ask my younger self to live life the way he has been living. Things were peaceful then. No raids and all. There is no problem now though, it is all okay. It is all well and good." We hope it stays that way.